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Synectics products, systems and solutions can be found in areas across the world where security and surveillance are paramount. Over the past thirty plus years we have gained a keen understanding of the pressures and priorities of these complex environments. We combine this high level sector knowledge with specialist skills and our field-proven technology, to design and deploy integrated security and surveillance systems that give our customers absolute peace of mind. Synectics’ surveillance technology has to work smart because our customers are deeply invested in keeping people, places and critical assets safe at all times and they count on us to ensure they are successful.

Smart Technology, In Safe Hands, Where it Matters Most

Our solutions - from cameras to fully integrated end-to-end solutions - are part of this mission, dovetailing with workflows, neighbouring systems and technologies, to deliver actionable information and adding value. Drawing on decades of specialist expertise and experience, our people are uniquely qualified to tackle highly complex, large-scale projects that often come with stringent customer requirements. They’ve designed, developed and delivered integrated surveillance systems for some of the most demanding customers – super-casinos, oil rigs and airports – and know the importance of thoroughly understanding each individual security environment before devising a solution.

We put a high value on winning and retaining the trust of our customers. We do that by working in close partnership with customers to deliver tailored, user-friendly solutions that ‘do more’ and do it well. Our solutions sit at the heart of our customers’ security and functional infrastructure, underpinning everyday activity and efficiency - even when there is no immediate threat of danger - by collecting operational data and enhancing service. In the event of an incident, they can be relied on to immediately capture and relay the full situational picture, connect and enable responses, and prevent threat escalation.

Regardless of the specific security or sector environment, our solutions enable collaboration and coordination. They are always there and always on.

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Synectics has customers and projects supported by Synectics end-to-end surveillance solutions across the globe.

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Find out about our strategy, shareholder services and financial performance.

Integration & Managed Services

IMS focuses on delivering flexible end-to-end service-led solutions for the management of facilities and security related services.

Critical Security in Challenging Settings

Oil and gas projects, from onshore refineries, plants and pipelines to offshore marine vessels and platforms, are some of the most demanding environments on the planet. Harsh weather, extreme temperatures, remote locations, no or poor light conditions, hazardous and technical processes, significant personnel counts – they are all factors that make safety and security both difficult and essential.

This complex matrix of conditions means surveillance has to step up. Robust and reliable cameras have to deliver evidential image quality at all times, while integrated solutions are relied on to make data from multiple site sub-systems manageable, meaningful and actionable in mission critical situations.

This is what we do, and why our experts and solutions have been selected by some of the most high profile projects in this sector for over 30 years.

High Quality Image Capture in All Conditions

Synectics’ COEX™ brand - which pioneered the first Ex certified thermal camera station - features safe area, marine and hazardous area camera stations that can be found protecting some of the world’s largest oil and gas projects.

Our camera solutions are designed and developed to meet specific sector needs. Multi-spectral camera stations that switch between colour, mono and thermal imaging for conditions where weather, light and overall visibility fluctuate rapidly. HD IP camera stations with in-built compression delivering 1080p video, whether the application is an ice-class LNG tanker operating at -55°C, or a Middle East pipeline in +70°C heat.

Whether the challenge is location, temperature, corrosion, threat detection or motion, our internationally certified camera stations - developed through decades of field-experience – ensure picture quality is always guaranteed.

Integration that Protects People, Processes and Assets

Image quality is vital but it is only part of the protection equation. With Synergy 3 as the core command and control platform, we develop and deploy factory tested, highly scalable, integrated solutions that streamline and simplify threat detection by unifying data from sub-systems vital to oil, gas and marine operations.

The result is rapid, informed decision making where and when it matters most.

Our solutions ensure that any potentially significant event originating from any source - such as an anomalous gas or flare stack composition reading, access control/perimeter fence alert, deviation from tanker loading protocols, fire/smoke detection, or man-down notification - is identified quickly, analyzed, and presented in context to operators via interactive workflows to guide appropriate response.

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Sector References

Synectics has delivered solutions to large-scale projects worldwide.

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Case Study

The world’s largest ‘Gas to Liquids’ (GTL) plant has an end-to-end solution from Synectics.

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30 Years of COEX

Discover the history of COEX in our interactive timeline.

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Solutions for the Most Demanding Gaming Environments

With millions of guests and billions in assets at risk, our casino clients demand the most reliable, flexible and scalable surveillance systems to protect their complex, high profile businesses.

Accurately identifying and efficiently neutralizing risk is paramount to casino profitability. For our users, that means impeccable picture quality to distinguish card suits, cash denominations or rapid hand movements; integration to point of sale registers, access control and slot systems; and, multi-layered hardware and software redundancy to insure access to mission critical data at all times.

Engineered with gaming in mind, Synectics has a 30 year track record deploying dependable surveillance solutions in over 100 of the largest, busiest and most tightly regulated casinos in Asia, North America and Europe.

Unparalleled Integration Capability

Synergy 3, Synectics’ third generation command and control platform, seamlessly integrates with leading third party gaming and security systems, so enterprise-wide alarm and transactional data can be reviewed and acted upon from a single, customizable, and user-friendly interface. Synergy 3’s open architecture also empowers our customers to utilize their legacy products with new technologies – like megapixel cameras and analytics – so existing systems can be cost effectively upgraded with minimal disruption and tailored to meet ever-changing requirements.

Presenting Data that Matters

With thousands of cameras and alarms to monitor, surveillance operators are susceptible to information overload. So, they need ways to quickly detect, prioritize and respond to events that truly matter and deserve attention.

Synergy 3’s integrated management software filters through irrelevant data and reveals suspicious trends and threats. Alerts are automatically presented to the right people at the right time, and user-defined workflows can be triggered to guide operators through the correct procedures for each situation.

Enhanced situational awareness helps personnel proactively identify and prevent security breeches, table game or slot scams, POS anomalies, or recognize player preferences to enhance customer experience and retention, for valuable ROI. And, with reslient data replication, hardware failover, and IP backfilling, single points of failure are eliminated for maximum uptime and guaranteed availability 24/7/365.

Sector References

Synectics monitors more than 100,000 channels in over 100 gaming properties worldwide.

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Sector Case Study

Hollywood Casino Aurora supports repeat business growth by enhancing customer experience with a Synectics surveillance solution.

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Backfilling is one of the solutions developed by Synectics to protect your site for unparalleled redundancy.

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Protecting Passengers and Assets

Transport hubs serve numerous businesses, employ hundreds of staff and process tens of thousands of passengers every day. They are critical to our infrastructure and as such require surveillance solutions capable of distilling data from a wide variety of sources to deliver an instant, clear and actionable view of activity across the whole site.

The transport assets that use these hubs - buses, trams, trains and light rail - also have a unique requirement portfolio. Here, on-vehicle technology that guarantees evidential quality image capture and reliable data storage is a must, to enhance passenger safety, safeguard against costly insurance claims and aid vehicle/driver performance.

Synectics is experienced in designing and delivering proven surveillance solutions for transport infrastructure and mobile assets, which is why our technology can be found protecting airports, ports, ships, rail networks and bus fleets throughout the world.

Understanding Need, Tailoring Solutions

Transport operators need to keep sites and assets secure and operations efficient, all within a framework of regulatory compliance. Their core mission and greatest challenge, however, is to ensure the safety and customer satisfaction of the people they are transporting.

We have built our proposition on the foundation of deep sector knowledge and a well-honed understanding of these challenges. Working collaboratively with our customers to garner a 360 degree view of a project is at the heart of our approach and guides the tailored solutions we provide.

Synergy 3, our command and control platform, embodies this approach. Its open architecture enables data integration from any security, efficiency or public safety system according to exact needs, while a powerful analytics engine, intuitive workflows and fully adaptable GIS mapping for incident pinpointing, ensures this information can be monitored and managed securely and efficiently.

Making the Connection Today and Tomorrow

Synectics provides elements vital to transport and infrastructure surveillance, including cameras for all environments and light conditions, servers, encoders, storage, workstations and Synergy 3.

We excel in complete, turnkey solutions that make connections like these possible: scenario detection that links an item of left luggage with unusual access door usage to generate an alert; WiFi-enabled solutions that connect vehicle and transport hub security; open protocols that allow transport operators to communicate with city-wide systems and agencies for ‘Smart City’ collaboration.

With our future proofed, scalable solutions transport operators can make these important connections now, and well into the future.

Integrated Transport Solutions

Intelligently integrated solutions can play an extremely valuable role for Transportation Networks.

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Sector References

Our solutions safeguard five billion passenger journeys worldwide, keeping transport networks safe, secure, and efficient.

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Sector Case Study

Synectics has designed and delivered an integrated security management solution for the new Terminal 3 at Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, the busiest airport in South East Asia.

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Sophisticated Surveillance for Highly Secure Facilities

High security sites, from financial institutions and utility providers to data centres and government organisations, are both vital and vulnerable.

Physical security is paramount in these environments and so is the ability to quickly identity, understand and respond to more subtle threats, from equipment malfunctions to safety failures. Synectics has a long history of delivering turnkey surveillance solutions that achieve this aim, with our sophisticated Synergy 3 command and control platform at their core.

The integration possibilities are endless which enables security teams, on or offsite, to merge and mine data from virtually any facility sub-system. Blending security, building management and facial recognition data to quickly spot threats, escalate alerts, and react based on automated workflows is simple. And for complete peace of mind, every action is securely stored to provide a comprehensive audit trail and evidence bank.

Comprehensive Solutions for Public Protection

Locations and facilities that experience high public footfall, such as town centres, retail malls and museums, have similar needs but come with the added challenges associated with public access. Additionally, those responsible for public space protection are often restricted by budget constraints. The need to achieve more with less is ever-present.

Synectics has a long heritage in public space protection, particularly in the UK where ours is the surveillance system of choice for local authorities. The integration capabilities of Synergy 3 are ideally suited to multi-site consolidation such as merged control rooms, inter-agency communications, unifying analogue and IP camera technology, and enforcing operational efficiencies for cost reduction.

Our experienced technicians have years of public space know-how and project management experience. Paired with the powerful capabilities of our solutions, we are well positioned to support the sector.

Helping to Make Smart Cities a Reality

The intelligently integrated surveillance solutions we deploy facilitate cross-city communication and incident response - between public, private and high security sites - by enabling shared awareness and response.

Inter-organisational workflow prompts, secure remote evidence access, universal alerts based on ‘known threat’ list data are all tools that can help inform critical decision making to help keep towns and cities safe.

Synectics’ strength in design, integration and project management makes us ideally positioned to support and enable those responsible for making smarter, safer cities a reality.

Sector References

Synectics has delivered integrated security management solutions to meet the complex needs of critical assets for a wide range of customers worldwide.

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Sector Case Study

Synectics is helping Islington efficiently manage an average of 1,500 incidents each quarter with Synergy security management.

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UK CCTV Infographic

Synectics commissioned new research in partnership with the UK CCTV User Group to gain insight into general beliefs and attitudes towards CCTV including how it is used, managed and regulated.

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