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Comprehensive Management Tools


A complete reporting package

With Synergy 3, every user action, incident, and alarm - including monitor wall activity - is constantly logged and stored in password-protected directories for technicians and supervisors to quickly and easily audit for training, security, or procedural review purposes, supporting efficient and effective management.

The secure nature of Synergy 3’s onboard audit trail capabilities also makes it ideally suited for demonstrating regulatory compliance - a necessity in highly regulated environments.

Our database-driven reporting is equally robust and highly tailorable.

Operators can search and filter system data by a wide range of user-defined fields and metadata criteria, with the option to save common searches for future, repeated use. Using this data, dynamic reports and graphs can be custom built according to the user, departmental, or organization-wide requirements.

By quickly and efficiently being able to call up meaningful data and filtering, for example, by camera, geographical area, timeframe, and incident types, users can easily identify problem areas, recurring threats, and opportunities for operational improvements.

Automated health monitoring and fault management

In addition to improving awareness of external factors that may impact on security, safety, or efficiency, Synergy 3 also ensures operators are alert to the health of the system itself.

An integral health checking feature self-monitors and continuously tracks for pre-fail conditions to alert operators to any potential upcoming issues so that preventative action can be taken and downtime avoided.

The system can also be programmed to automatically notify technicians of issues requiring immediate attention, provide data on devices, performance history, and alert management when maintenance or repairs have been completed.

Easy-to-configure admin rights

Our command and control solution is designed to meet the exact system administration needs of any organization. In many cases, this necessitates allowing for different levels of operator clearance or access in relation to system functionality.

With Synergy 3, implementing this structure is simple. Managers can create secure, customized operator profiles - integrated with active personnel directories - that control access rights to every system feature and camera, automating alterations in line with role and personnel changes.

For multi-site deployments, system access rights can also be assigned by location.

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