Easy to Install


Let installation wizards do the work

Synergy 3’s installation wizards simplify the process of getting a solution up and running quickly and easily, by automatically detecting devices (such as IP cameras, storage, and third-party edge technology), supporting drag-and-drop configuration, and by centralizing administration of devices.

Set up of aspects such as telemetry protocols, governing how and when devices should record, is also wizardised to further speed up installation.

Customize the user experience

A wide range of standard and customizable user interface layouts are available that enable even first-time users to intuitively use Synergy 3.

Standard layouts, based on decades of user feedback, prioritize and present functions according to primary objective, whether camera and video control, alarm handling, or incident management. Synergy 3’s Custom Layout Builder gives users the ability to further personalize screen layouts according to preferences and specific site requirements, and to easily configure macros to automate responses to system alarms and events.

Configure specific access rights

Our command and control solution is designed to meet the exact system administration needs of any organization. In many cases, this necessitates allowing for different levels of operator clearance and access in relation to system functionality.

With Synergy 3, implementing this structure is simple.

Managers can create secure, customized operator profiles - integrated with active personnel directories - that control access rights to every system feature and camera, automating alterations in line with role and personnel changes. For multi-site deployments, system access rights can also be assigned by location.

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