Intuitive video playback and search

An easily navigable GUI ensures that operators can, with one click or touch, quickly and seamlessly transition between live view and recorded video. Live clip baskets provide rapid access to recent recordings/footage of interest.

Synergy 3 has also been designed to make video search and retrieval a simple and speedy process. All video can be searched by a wide range of criteria including date and time, alarm event, field of view, and change of scene (left item and motion). Synergy 3 ensures detailed metadata is stored and paired with appropriate video content, allowing operators to search by even more precise parameters including object type, head counts, size, color, and even movement type.

By facilitating fast, flexible access to video, Synergy 3 can reduce search times, support rapid incident verification, help maintain effective event investigations, and drive efficient operations.

Streamlined camera management

Synergy 3’s highly-customizable and easily-navigable GUI makes camera control intuitive, fast, and simple.

Drag-and-drop screen configuration enables users to prioritize monitoring zones (for example focusing on high-risk areas), while integrated GIS mapping ensures exact facility layouts can be populated with camera points, additional location-based data, and live ‘field of view’ plotting. Operators simply need to point and click to immediately view live feed and control PTZs directly from the map.

Cameras (both analog and IP), and other system devices, can also be grouped by location or category and automatically presented though alarm-triggered macros – for instance prioritizing the best field of view in relation to a perimeter breach or unauthorized access door usage.

Up to 16 camera views can be displayed simultaneously for maximum site overview and, because Synergy 3 tracks the relative geographic position of one camera to another, it can display a primary camera view surrounded by all cameras in proximity to give operators complete situational awareness.

Intelligent alarm management

Synergy 3 logically connects alarm events to video and situational management processes with an extensive alarm monitoring and alert system.

The system delivers color-coded visual and audio messages for both internal (system) failures and external alarms (access control, intrusion, etc.), presents associated maps and video, and displays management-defined procedures that guide operator response to incidents.

By quickly and automatically linking pertinent alarm events to live and recorded video, operators are able to react more intelligently and decisively when it matters most.

Synergy 3’s alarm management capabilities are further enhanced by integration with dynamic Workflows – automated on-screen, ‘step-by-step’ guidance for operators to ensure responses are appropriate to the event and in line with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Workflows can incorporate custom forms, diary tasks, contacts, or automated email/text messaging, but above all they help to ensure accurate, consistent, and regulatory compliant responses to alarm events in high-pressure situations.

Display wall management

In security critical environments, the way information is displayed can help teams better co-ordinate activity and shave valuable time off incident response.

Synergy 3’s display wall management tools are designed to show essential video, system status updates, alarms, and situational awareness data - including relevant web/social media content and live threat level assessment (based on dataveillance or manual input) - for surveillance and security teams to act in concert.

Multiple video walls can be configured (using simple drag and drop customization) and managed from a single client. Task allocations, active workflows, live incidents, and ticker tape displays further help to ensure that teams are constantly aware and informed. All monitor wall activity can also be recorded and readily retrieved for training or audit purposes.

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