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Flexible and Scalable Software Tiers



For entry level deployment, Synergy 3’s flexible software tiers allow it to be easily installed and cost-effectively used as a pure video management solution (VMS).

Suitable for control room environments with a dedicated surveillance objective, rather than a broader monitoring remit, and featuring a basic 2D mapping interface for simplified control, this license tier enables operators to view and manage live and recorded video efficiently and effectively. And, should operational requirements grow, Synergy 3 can be easily upgraded and enhanced.


Building on the VMS functionality delivered by our View software tier, this Synergy 3 tier supports additional control room functionality and comes with a 32 channel license.

In addition to viewing live and recorded video, operators have access to incident creation and management tools, including dedicated evidence locker functionality. This tier also sees the introduction of Synergy 3’s reporting engine, layout customization functionality, and enhanced display wall management features, including ticker tape view for incident status updates, and monitor wall recording.


Synergy 3’s powerful integration capabilities are introduced in the Connect tier, providing the opportunity to integrate third-party systems, such as access control, Point of Sale, and other security/management systems through a standardized and modularized Application Programming Interface (API).

This tier also presents heightened levels of customization, particularly in relation to advanced reporting capabilities, while features such as GIS mapping help streamline and support fast, precise, and intuitive system navigation.

This 64 channel license tier also delivers an advanced incident management suite – including live incident collaboration tools – and supports complementary functionality including Persons of Interest monitoring.


Our most powerful and scalable Synergy 3 software tier is designed for large, critical, and complex projects, with single or multi-site requirements, that demand the highest levels of functionality and reliability from their security and surveillance management solution.

Supporting 128 channel licenses, Extend supports Synergy 3’s full situational awareness capabilities by enabling extensive third-party integration, intelligent data analysis with Dataveillance, and dynamic Workflow generation.

Providing the highest levels of failover protection, including Synergy database replication, server failover, virtualization, IP backfilling, and PSN failover with seamless playback, Extend offers organizations a comprehensive, scalable, and resilient solution.

Federated solutions

For multi-location organizations seeking to protect assets, or satellite sites spread over a wide geographical area, Synergy 3 delivers full peer-to-peer or master/slave command and control.

Intelligent integration enables video, audio, PIR activations, and other alarm inputs from multiple networked locations, to be easily streamed to - and directly controlled by - local operators, or remotely by personnel at a dedicated command center.

Further enhanced by features such as automated workflows, metadata recording, and data mining, Synergy 3’s federated site capabilities help ensure that incident response decisions can be taken locally at a specified level, but can also be escalated to central control personnel according to threat/incidents identified.

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