Navigating the Complex Path of Compliance, Regardless of Scope, Scale, or Geography

Employing expert globally-proven failover measures, workflows, integrations, and data monitoring, our robust solutions help customers view and keep exactly what they need, for however long they need it.

What has to happen, will

Regulatory compliance is part of any casino operation. Specific requirements – and penalties for not meeting them – vary according to global location but wherever a property operates, these rules will always define and govern how it must operate.

Synectics respects this. Our strong global team thrives on designing solutions that help customers achieve compliance with less effort and more peace of mind. From advising on camera placement, specification, and implementing redundant camera frameworks that ensure coverage of critical areas is never at risk, to utilizing measures such as automatic server virtualization, hot-swapping, edge-recording and Backfilling to support 24/7 system uptime, operators using a Synectics solution always have what they need to capture every moment.

With Synectics’ core software platform, Synergy 3, casinos can tailor and automate content storage and retention down to a specific camera, an exact zone (e.g. a particular gaming table), or apply conditions universally across a single property/multiple sites in line with regional regulatory requirements. From an operator’s perspective, these measures, along with built-in system and device health checks, help ensure essential operational compliance happens seamlessly.

Easily implement in-house procedures

Casinos also have to follow robust internal protocols vital to efficient, effective, and safe management. The customizable nature of Synectics’ solutions, combined with clever functionality, makes this ongoing effort easier to implement.

Evidence management features and customized user access configuration guarantee footage is always viewed, stored, and retrieved in accordance with appropriate operator clearance levels. Dynamic on-screen Workflows ensure operators are equipped to deal with any scenario based on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Integration with video analytics and databases makes it simple to spot individuals on exclusion, key customer, or risk lists. Synergy 3 also integrates with other critical site systems such as fire, comms, and physical threat detection, to help casinos proactively set up and seamlessly execute emergency procedures where there is no room for error.

Whatever the surveillance requirement, our solutions can help. For a more detailed review of how Synectics can support regulatory and operational compliance, download our white paper on surveillance redundancy and resilience.

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