Quality Defined by Customer Experience

Products and processes set, measured, and improved against one goal – meeting customer objectives. That’s what quality means to us.

Rigorous, and right first time

Synectics’ surveillance solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual customer and are designed and tested to work, as specified, from day one. Achieving this is our quality standard. There are a number of ways we make sure this happens.

People are key. With years of experience designing and deploying solutions for casinos around the world, all initial consultations include a dedicated solutions architect who takes time to understand exact requirements. Technical capability. Existing infrastructure. Growth plans. Budget restrictions. IP migration strategy. Operational preferences. These factors, and many more, are all assessed and built into each tailored development to ensure the systems we deliver meet existing needs, and can easily adapt to support customers as they grow.

We also test individual elements and the solution as a whole prior to installation through our Factory Accepted Testing (FAT) program, to guarantee everything works exactly as it should. Once installed, engineers and trainers from our experienced global team configure and customize the solution, and ensure the customer’s in-house personnel are fully equipped to get the maximum benefit from the features and functionality of our core software platform, Synergy 3.

Measuring success, improving performance

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop there. To ensure gaming customers keep getting maximum benefit from the solutions we design and deploy, they become part of our continual process to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control quality across all that we do.

Authentic feedback is proactively sought so that we can continuously measure performance. The insight gained allows us to analyze our product development loops, account management framework, and training programs to eliminate any aspects that don’t align with customer expectations, and then we make improvements that do. It’s how many of the new solutions and services we’ve launched over the years came to be.

And because the process is cyclical, not finite, we are able to keep on re-defining what quality looks like, and what we need to do to guarantee controlled, continuous delivery of solutions that always meet customer-defined performance objectives.

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