Data That Delivers Service ‘Up-Time’, at All Times

Integrated performance, diagnostic, and management systems that keep vehicles running, ensure evidence is captured, stored, and seamlessly backed up, and can also warn operators of imminent issues.

Incident support

While many of our transport solutions are designed to use data capture and analysis for preventative purposes, we also make sure customers always have the data and tools they need to monitor and manage an incident.

On detecting threats, whether security, safety, or operational in nature, Synergy 3 automatically presents information to help operators make better decisions. Live view video footage – from vehicle carriages or transport hub systems – is prioritized on screen; dynamic maps showing incident position and location-based data are displayed alongside any relevant external news or third-party agency content; and workflows, customized to reflect Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), are triggered that adapt on-screen guidance based on real-time data received.

Meanwhile, with built-in operator activity logs for audit trail transparency, SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm) data encryption for indisputable evidence integrity, and secure evidence storage/sharing capabilities, customers using Synectics’ solutions can rest assured that critical evidential data is captured and managed properly.

Learn more about our incident management capabilities.

Healthcheck and backup

Vehicle management systems are not the only systems that need checking. In the event of any vehicular incident involving public transport systems, from collision to on-vehicle anti-social behavior or criminal activity, surveillance can make a critical difference. During events it can help provide information and context to responders, and, in the immediate aftermath, can be the lynchpin for successful investigation.

This is why our dedicated transport solutions also check themselves. For example, our telematics solution features built-in sequencing that tests all surveillance technology – cameras, storage etc. – when the vehicle first starts to guarantee everything is fully operational. Synergy 3 also features a robust self-check mechanism that constantly analyzes system components, integrated systems, and edge-devices for pre-fail conditions, automatically alerting operators to issues and, if needed, temporarily switching recording or storage to guarantee coverage while remedial action is taken.

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Telematics and vehicle diagnostics

Operators introducing our telematics system ‒ Synectics Genius ‒ to their fleet, are able to monitor how fuel-efficiently and safely drivers are running vehicles on any given route.

Automatically collecting and analyzing driver data, including excessive vehicle movement, acceleration, and braking, and pairing this with GPS information, Genius produces detailed, customizable reports to support operators in improving driver performance and passenger comfort. The insights gained also help reduce fuel, vehicle maintenance, and insurance premium costs.

Data from Genius and other vehicle performance indicators, including information from integrated CANBus solutions, can be transmitted in real time and streamed to Synergy 3. Here, customizable parameters can be set to alert operators with any ‘danger signs’ in terms of imminent vehicle issues, for example with doors, the engine, or braking systems, that may require servicing time.

Learn more about Synectics driver behavior solutions.

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