Proactive Control That Puts Passengers First

With a holistic view of systems, operators can identify and action measures to improve passenger experience.

Integrated on-board surveillance

Systems integration offers significant benefit to bus and coach operators. Individually, cameras, telematics, and specialist vehicle systems, such as headcount and passenger information systems, support specific objectives. Together, they can take service delivery and fleet optimization to new levels.

For the past three decades, Synectics has worked in close partnership with leading operators and builders to design and deploy integrated solutions that meet exact requirements.

The solutions we develop help operators enhance their service. From integrating on-board surveillance with multimedia and passenger information systems – for example, enabling top-deck passengers to view lower-level luggage rack areas, or displaying GPS-triggered, on-screen advertising – to linking cameras, alarms, and video analytics to automatically alert drivers of potential issues such as suspicious behavior or left items.

Integrated on-board surveillance systems can also provide aid to the drivers, with local live views of cameras overlaid with footage from other vehicle signals and positional data, presenting comprehensive situational awareness.

Ultimately, this improves passenger safety and experience, while mitigating risk for operators.

Fleet-wide focus

Integrated solutions also help operators do more with their data. For example, ideally suited to depots and back-office command center environments, our Synergy 3 solution offers intuitive access to camera controls, recording, video playback, and incident management tools in one secure platform.

Synergy 3 can also manage more than a vehicle’s surveillance cameras. Telematics information, on-board WiFi, passenger counting information, and CANbus software can all be integrated and interrogated by the platform. And, to facilitate retrieving and archiving the footage, on-board systems can be fitted with WiFi or 4G SIM cards to allow download of images remotely, either back at the depot or (depending on 4G connectivity) while still on the road, enabling Synergy to present a real-time, comprehensive view of operations.

Using a single, unified solution can enable bus and coach operators to learn more about their vehicles and their own behavior on the road. Routes and vehicle deployment can be continually optimized to reduce emissions, bottlenecks, and time spent in traffic, and operators can create and use detailed reports to support driver training. They can also access rich streams of video, audio, and vehicle performance data to guard against insurance claims.

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