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Synectics provides customer-driven solutions that keep passengers safe, ensure regulatory compliance, and help operators manage their fleet.

High-quality image capture, guaranteed

A lot of things can happen in and around buses and coaches - from criminal behavior against passengers or drivers, through to genuine or staged accidents. To establish what exactly happens out on the road, more and more operators rely on 360-degree video coverage of their vehicles. Increasingly, they are also looking to access live views of events or to quickly access post-event footage, not least to counter claims.

Here, the availability of IP technology offers great potential for operators to enhance their ability to capture, view, store, and manage superior-quality images, and use CCTV as an effective tool for improving passenger safety and mitigating risk. But the migration path to fully IP technology can take time, which is why Synectics has developed a range of solutions to support operators at every stage of the transition.

Key to this is our hybrid T1600 ruggedized digital video recorder (DVR). Compatible with our low-power consumption analog dome cameras for superior low-light performance, our HD IP Micro Dome cameras for detailed image streaming, and any third-party PAL/NTSC cameras, the T1600 allows recording of images from both IP and analog cameras simultaneously.

Delivering detailed data

The T1600 is capable of recording inputs from IP cameras at resolutions of up to 1080p, resulting in vastly improved image quality compared with traditional analog camera technologies. This means higher-risk areas can be recorded at HD quality while still covering other areas with analog cameras, saving money on a full IP system and maximizing recording times.

In addition to securely storing video footage, the T1600 can capture audio and use GPS data to ensure the evidence captured is precisely matched to a specific point on the route.

The safety features of the T1600 include an integrated accelerometer and an interface with standard vehicle communications systems – including iBus and IBIS – enabling it to log braking, indication, reversing, accelerating, door control, and other on-board activity relating to vehicle and driver performance.

When integrated with a telematics solution, such as Synectics Genius, and 4G routers, all this data can be accessed securely and remotely for efficient and cost-effective fleet management.

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