Passenger-Centric Protection for Rail, Tram, and Metro

Our on-board solutions support train-to-ground systems convergence to improve passenger safety and satisfaction.

Improved Connectivity, Convergence, and Passenger Experience

Using wireless/IP backbones and Synergy 3, Synectics’ open architecture command and control solution, footage can be monitored, controlled, and managed from a single point (such as the driver’s cab or operations carriage), enabling train staff to manage passenger safety and/or security incidents quickly and effectively.

With Synectics’ train-to-ground solution, authorized personnel can receive, manage, and respond to passenger help requests remotely. Staff based at a central office are alerted any time a help button is triggered and presented with relevant on-screen information to facilitate direct communication with the passenger, driver, or police.

In addition to supporting enhanced visual awareness throughout the train, our open architecture command and control platform also creates broader situational awareness by integrating camera footage with third-party train management, safety, and security systems ‒ from passenger counters and help points to door controls and emergency braking mechanisms.

Our turnkey, connected solutions, built from decades of expertise in on-vehicle surveillance, protect and serve people at every stage of the passenger journey. Unifying video footage with data from security and operational systems into a single, integrated, and interoperable management platform ‒ Synergy 3 ‒ makes vehicle-to-ground systems convergence a reality.


Detecting Threats and Enabling Efficient, Informed Decision-Making

Highly scalable, flexible, and open protocol - Synergy 3 combines, mines, and manages information from integrated systems to identify isolated or cumulative threats quickly, and support rapid, informed decision-making.

Its highly-customizable Dataveillance engine and workflow functionality enable on-screen instructions to be generated in line with an organization’s specific Standard Operating Procedures, to ensure that even in the most demanding of circumstances, correct procedures are followed.


Ruggedized DVRs Designed for Maximum Satisfaction

The latest evolution of Synectics' T-series Recorder, the T1600 16-channel, analog DVR with hybrid IP capability, has been designed to meet the exacting demands of the mobile industry.

With optional solid-state drives, on-board accelerometer, and a ruggedized enclosure, the T1600 has been made specifically for on-vehicle installation and deployment.


Bringing Train and Trackside Data Together

Converged surveillance is the key that can unlock sizable benefits for transport operators, including greater efficiencies and increased security.

A Synectics solution not only integrates on-vehicle sub-systems into a single, easy-to-use solution, it combines this information with station systems and other infrastructure to provide the full picture.


Quickly Identify the Information That Matters

With rising passenger numbers and increased customer expectations, today's transport operators are under more pressure than ever before.

On-vehicle cameras and DVRs are commonplace, however there is growing demand for technology that streamlines incident management, helps collaboration, and improves customer service.


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