Improving On-Vehicle Awareness and Fleet Management

Our turnkey surveillance solutions for rail, tram, and metro are deployed across the globe by operators who prioritize passenger safety and satisfaction.

A clear view of on-board activity

Synectics end-to-end surveillance and vehicle networking solutions for rail applications are designed for demanding on-board conditions, guaranteeing clarity, reliability, and resiliency.

Our open architecture command and control platform, Synergy 3, provides intelligent video management and system integration. Using a central IP network backbone and wireless connectivity, Synergy integrates any on-board camera – third-party analog and IP – including models from our range of HD IP camera solutions.

This enables high-quality live and recorded footage to be monitored, controlled, and managed from a single point, such as the driver’s cab or operations carriage. Train crews have a clear and actionable view of all events and evolving situations, for improved passenger safety and service.

Multi-system awareness

In addition to unifying the monitoring and management of video footage, Synergy also enables on-board operational systems, passenger information, analytics (such as passenger counting and facial recognition), GPS data, voice, and audio content to be integrated and alarmed for a complete vehicle overview.

Automated door-clearance checks for efficient platform departures, live journey updates on carriage passenger information displays, and over-crowding detection are just some of the solutions possible using these capabilities.

This situational awareness capability also extends to drivers. Integrating external cameras with video analytics, for example, enables hazardous track obstructions/trespassers to be detected before they are visible to the human eye. Similarly, should emergency systems – such as brake-pulls – be deployed, live video feed can be prioritized for driver review to assess hazards and next steps.

The information captured isn’t restricted to on-vehicle review. Our experience in designing and deploying systems for transport infrastructure settings ensures the on-board solutions we provide equip operators to capitalize on systems convergence and network-wide connectivity.

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