Tailored Surveillance for Vehicles That Protect, Serve, and Deliver

From helping emergency services gather evidence and ensure safe operating practice, to improving security protocols for high-risk specialist vehicles, our solutions offer best-in-class support.

Superior Support for Specialist Vehicles

The solutions and maintenance services we provide are used to support driver training for improved response times and safety, to gather and audit en-route and at-scene evidence, and to ensure a secure working environment for personnel, allowing emergency service teams to focus on their priority - public protection.

Our tamper-proof cameras, recording solutions, and specialist security integration options ensure that drivers know who and what is in and around vehicles at any given time, support on-vehicle control of lock-down protocols, and provide vehicle operators with a mechanism for real-time route tracking against GPS data.

Our ruggedized, WiFi-enabled DVRs, and range of camera solutions, help safeguard drivers and protect goods from depot to destination, while wider integration with telematics, GPS, and other vehicle data systems puts vital vehicle efficiency, maintenance status, driver performance, and evidential data at haulage managers’ fingertips.

Our turnkey, connected solutions, built from decades of expertise in on-vehicle surveillance, protect and serve people at every stage of the passenger journey. Unifying video footage with data from security and operational systems into a single, integrated, and interoperable management platform ‒ Synergy 3 ‒ makes vehicle-to-ground systems convergence a reality.


Ruggedized DVRs Designed for Maximum Protection

The latest evolution of Synectics' T-series Recorder, the T1600 16-channel DVR with hybrid capability, has been designed to meet the exacting demands of the mobile industry.

With optional solid-state drives, on-board accelerometer, and a ruggedized enclosure, the T1600 has been made specifically for on-vehicle installation and deployment.


Intelligently Integrated Management Platform for On-vehicle Applications

Synergy 3 Transport has been born out of Synectics' comprehensive command and control platform, and is the result of 30 years' security industry experience and sector expertise.

A user-friendly platform with unparalleled flexibility, expandability, and resiliency, Synergy 3 Transport enables transport operators to view live and recorded video footage in a customizable user interface.


Critical Information Made Clear

Synectics offers a wide range of camera solutions including analog, IR, and fully IP, enabling the monitoring of fleets with ease and providing the assurance that passengers and staff deserve.

Our models include the latest, high-definition IP cameras, which enable a larger viewing area in greater detail, and prove invaluable in the collection of footage for evidence.


Proactive Risk Management for Your Fleet

The Synectics Genius journey analysis and data management tool has been specifically developed to help our customers reduce operating costs and improve passenger experience.

This cost-effective solution helps transport operators monitor driver performance, reduce accidents and vehicle wear and tear, enhance passenger comfort, and cut fuel costs.


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