Transport Infrastructure

Mitigating risks to ensure a safe and efficient passenger experience

Delivering actionable intelligence

To keep people safe, operations efficient, and customers satisfied, all within a framework of regulatory compliance and against a backdrop of heightened security risks, transport hubs depend on data from multiple systems, technologies, and processes.

Our end-to-end solutions make that information manageable, meaningful, and actionable.

We simplify systems integration, bringing data generated by third-party security, safety, and customer service systems into one unified environment to enable threats and anomalies to be identified, understood in a holistic context, and acted upon with speed and confidence.

Tools such as dynamic workflows add consistency to that mix, guiding operatives through specific response protocols based on incidents identified and the organization’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), while the interoperability offered by Synergy 3 ensures that responsive action, such as area lock downs, passenger comms updates, security team deployments, or maintenance dispatch, can happen quickly and be automated where appropriate.

Making passenger satisfaction simple

Transport surveillance is no longer just about CCTV. It’s about protecting and serving people at every stage of their journey.

Synergy 3, our command and control platform, is ideally suited to make this kind of 360-degree situational awareness possible. Its open architecture enables data integration and interoperability with security, efficiency, operational, and public safety systems, while a powerful analytics engine, intuitive workflows, and fully-adaptable GIS mapping for incident pinpointing, ensure this information can be monitored and managed securely and efficiently to streamline and improve passenger experience.

Synergy 3’s intelligent integration also enables transport hubs to: automate management of un-manned baggage drops, ticketing zones, and passenger communications; analyze footfall, passenger counts, and video data to maximize profitability and service planning; share security solutions between vehicles and transport hubs; and, collaborate with external agencies working to support Smart City initiatives.

With Synergy 3 at their core, our scalable solutions mean that transport infrastructure and service operators can prioritize customer satisfaction without compromise.

Converged Transport Solutions

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