Proactive Control That Helps Put Passengers First

With a holistic view of site-wide systems, operators can identify and action measures to improve passenger experience.

Streamlined security that won’t keep passengers waiting

Ensuring passengers remain safe and satisfied is an objective all airport operators share. It’s also one that can be difficult to achieve – typically the more protocols in place, the greater the impact on passenger flow, which in turn can be detrimental to customer satisfaction levels.

Our open architecture solutions overcome this issue by giving operators the means to streamline monitoring, critical decision-making, and systems control.

Integrating video surveillance with third-party security, airport-specific, and emergency systems delivers data-driven awareness of all events taking place at any given moment, and highlights how they relate to each other.

Dynamic incident workflows pair this intelligence with on-screen, next-step guidance (tailorable to specific Standard Operating Procedures) to further improve efficiency by supporting rapid, informed decision-making.

Meanwhile, ONVIF-supported interoperability, which enables a secure, two-way exchange of information between integrated systems and edge devices, allows operators to issue multi-system commands from a single, easy-to-use interface.

With improved situational awareness and simplified systems control, security doesn’t have to compromise efficient operations and passenger flow.

Efficient touch points that enhance passenger experience

Working closely with customers to understand specific needs, our turnkey solutions can also be programmed to identify operational issues and improve key passenger touch points.

Synergy 3’s advanced level of integration and interoperability, coupled with its highly customizable rules engine, allows operators to implement, and increasingly automate, responsive actions based on specific parameters – from queue numbers above a specific threshold to anomalies that indicate a technical issue.

For example, our solutions can be used to monitor and manage un-manned baggage drops or check-in desks, automatically deploying additional personnel as required. Or, footfall patterns can be analyzed to plan commercial zones that maximize profitability and satisfy customer preferences, without impeding efficient passenger flow through terminals.

Live departures/arrivals data ‒ including information from connecting transport services ‒ can be used to automatically update information points or, increasingly, as connectivity improves, trigger secure notifications direct to smartphones.

Our emphasis on solutions that seamlessly integrate with, and support, leading airport, security, and emergency technologies, means the applications are virtually limitless, but the outcome consistent.

By understanding, connecting, and controlling the data at their fingertips more effectively, airport operators are able to provide a more connected service for passengers.

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