Our open architecture solutions pair station-wide data with powerful analytics to quickly and accurately identify security and safety risks, automate key processes, and improve operational efficiencies.

Integrating sophisticated solutions

For high-risk, high-footfall assets, such as stations and interchanges, having the ability to monitor and manage site-wide systems from a single platform presents a huge opportunity to streamline threat detection and site management. An opportunity enhanced by integrating analytics.

Our command and control platform is compatible with a wide range of VCA (video content analysis) systems, whether they are implemented as analytics-enabled cameras, or specialist software/hardware solutions. Synergy 3 collates and interrogates analytics data captured, alongside system-wide video, audio, sensory, and transactional data, enabling it to identify and assign meaning to events that may indicate security threats, hazards, or detail that warrants closer investigation.

With these capabilities, virtual tripwire solutions can be adopted to support platform safety – alerting operators and/or automating public safety announcements should individuals be detected in areas/crossing thresholds deemed dangerous. Analytics applied to preset scenes based on a camera’s typical field of view enable identification of anomalies such as movement, left items, and loitering. Integrating footfall/headcount analysis ensures rapid detection of passenger bottlenecks or crowding. With Synergy 3 the opportunities are virtually limitless.

Applying rules and guiding response

Integrating analytics also enables the automation of processes that can enhance overall passenger safety and experience, for instance deploying additional support staff to help reduce queues more quickly, or maintenance personnel if ticket barrier scenes suggest a fault is holding up flow.

Where this capability really comes alive is when data processed by Synergy 3’s on-board rules engine is paired with dynamic workflows to produce interactive, on-screen guidance to help operators deal with scenarios detected.

For example, on detecting a left object, based on data from integrated analytics and camera solutions, Synergy 3 can be programed to alert operators, prioritize relevant camera feeds, and trigger an on-screen workflow reflecting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – initially asking the operator to confirm that the alert relates to an unaccompanied bag.

On confirming yes, the system knows to automatically message the nearest security personnel, push an image of the item to their mobile device, and present the exact position via integrated GIS mapping. In this way, key processes are streamlined, simplified, and operationally optimized.

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