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short description: Explore how Synectics CCTV systems benefited Anthony’s Travel’s bottom line, while also improving operational efficiencies and reducing the number of fraudulent insurance claims.
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title: Anthony's Travel Case Study
sub-title: Future-proofing the legacy of the company

Synectics provided Anthony’s Travel with the expertise, knowledge, and technology to assist them in collating, reviewing, and sharing essential evidence footage and telematics data.

Anthony's Travel is an award-winning, family-owned coach company established in 1985 by Anne, Tony, and Richard Bamber. The company is experienced in all aspects of coach travel and committed to providing a quality service to customers. With an extensive fleet of coaches and mini-coaches, and over 40 regular staff members, Anthony's Travel continues to offer value for money.

They were also one of the first coach operators in the UK to invest in a CCTV system, due to changing priorities within the market.

Richard Bamber, Managing Partner at Anthony's Travel, explains: “We’ve had complaints that turned out to be totally unfounded. If it wasn’t for CCTV, drivers would have no back-up, no protection.

"Once it filters down to drivers that the purpose of having CCTV is to protect them, not persecute them, then they’re all for it. My drivers have really bought into the value of using CCTV and now tend to tell me about incidents before they’re reported by the public, or tell me there’s a bit of footage they want me to look at. It’s very rare that we have to discipline the driver after looking at evidence. But if the equipment means drivers think before they speak, that’s not a bad thing.”

The challenge

Anthony's Travel identified that, across the industry, there was an increase in the numbers of complaints and insurance pay-outs, where other coach operators were being caught out by not having sufficient evidence to either back up or counteract such fraudulent claims.

CCTV and telematics for the coach industry have become more popular for operators in recent years, especially when you can see the benefits – whether that’s driver training, driver protection, anti-bullying provisioning, or prevention of fraudulent insurance claims.

Why Synectics?

Synectics was already a market leader, having established a requirement for CCTV within the bus market, and was the first company to supply operators with a surveillance solution. Original customers included Blackpool Transport and London Bus Operators.

Now with over 30 years of experience, Synectics is still the leading provider of on-board surveillance systems for the bus and coach market, both in the UK and globally.

The solution

Richard is a big believer in technology and uses CCTV to protect his family business – and his drivers – from false claims.

Having seen the results and benefits of the initial installed CCTV system, the entire fleet is now equipped with audio recorders, enabling driver and passenger exchanges to be recorded. This is a lifeline when customers or schoolchildren make allegations against the drivers.

Anthony’s Travel also uses Synectics Genius Telematics, which allows Richard to see how fuel-efficient the drivers are. He also uses the Genius data to incentivize his 22 drivers, rewarding all those who drive for at least 15 days in a month (with no accidents or traffic offences) and achieve a score of 90% or above.

With money saved in fuel, vehicle repair, and prevented accidents, as well as the drivers’ receptiveness to the scheme, using Synectics Genius Telematics is a great benefit to the operational efficiencies of Anthony’s Travel.

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