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Synectics Supports Casino Customers and Gaming Sector Growth with New Senior Hire

20 July 2018

Surveillance solutions business Synectics has hired Michael Curry as Director, Business Development (Americas) to further enhance the firm’s solution and service offering for casino customers, and support continued growth in the global gaming sector.

Synectics specializes in the design, integration, control, and management of advanced surveillance technology and networked security systems, for environments where security is operationally critical. Offices located in Germany, UK, US, UAE, Singapore, and Macau, provide sales and technical support to customers operating worldwide.

Along with being deployed in over 100 of the largest, busiest, and most tightly regulated casinos in the US, Canada, Asia, and Europe, Synectics’ reliable, scalable and often highly complex solutions can be found protecting major transport hubs, oil and gas projects, cities and highly secure facilities across the globe.

With 20 years of experience working for, and with, companies ranging from Silicon Valley start-ups to Fortune 500 businesses including Apple, Facebook, and HP, Curry specializes in helping organizations of all sizes implement and navigate growth strategies – particularly in sectors experiencing periods of technological change.

While a career so firmly linked to software and technology is ideally suited to the business development role with Synectics, it is Curry’s distinctive approach to customer relationships he feels will be most important.

Curry said: “The best way to serve a specific customer base is to walk in their shoes; understand their objectives, frustrations, and all the day-to-day realities that impact their business. This is especially true for sectors like gaming that are undergoing a period of rapid technological evolution.

“It’s why a huge part of my role will involve traveling the length and breadth of the Americas to meet with, listen to, and learn from security, surveillance, IT, and management personnel working in casinos of all shapes and sizes.

“Continuing to nurture customer relationships in this way will encourage open and honest feedback and will greatly enhance how we deliver customer-driven solutions that support their objectives both now and in the future. For a company like Synectics, which has always differentiated itself by balancing complex technical capability with practical ease-of-use, this kind of approach is essential.”

Curry and the Gaming team at Synectics will also be using customer feedback to enhance support and collaboration in the sector. Curry explained: “Our commitment to ‘partnership working’ is just hype if it isn’t backed up with the deeper support that this kind of ethos really requires.

“A surveillance and security management solution might meet every single business objective perfectly. But if operators haven’t received the right training and are unable to use the solution to support their day-to-day roles or save them time, particularly during high-pressure incidents, then the system isn’t working to its full potential. This is why we will be looking at the different ways we can work more closely with customers to build authentic, useful partnerships.”

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