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short description: Take an in-depth look at the latest applications of integrated security management solutions across airports.
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title: Airport Surveillance White Paper
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With global passenger numbers on the rise, airports are becoming bigger and busier, requiring ever more sophisticated security systems to maintain safety and ensure smooth operations. This white paper takes an in-depth look at the latest applications of integrated security management solutions to deliver on these aims.

Modern airports are complex entities, with similar characteristics to small cities, and operate with diverse stakeholder needs. They are retail zones, workplaces, and busy transportation hubs channeling millions of passengers to destinations across the globe. Keeping them safe, secure, and operationally efficient is an ever-evolving challenge.

Download the white paper to find out how the latest technologies can provide increased situational awareness and improve passenger and staff safety, airport infrastructure security, passenger flow management, critical scenario management, and training processes.

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The importance of situational awareness

Passengers need to pass smoothly from departures through to the plane, which means pinch points such as check-in, passport control, baggage security, and gate access have to be as efficient as possible, without compromising on security and safety.

All of these requirements make airports, perhaps more than any other type of environment, dependent on systems that are able to maintain and guarantee constant situational surveillance and awareness. So it is no surprise that surveillance solutions, which are capable of providing a holistic view of airports safety and security, can play a hugely important role in guaranteeing safe and secure operations.

Additionally, airport operators know that supporting profitable retail concessions is as important commercially as attracting airlines and passengers. This adds an extra dimension to protecting the operations of the airport, as employees of the airport and retail operations come and go on a daily basis and must therefore be protected.

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