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short description: The advent of ultra-high definition is redefining the possibilities for camera capabilities. This white paper explores the different options of camera technology now available.
title_list_view: Surveillance Camera Trends
title: Surveillance Camera Trends White Paper
sub-title: The pros and cons of emerging HD technology

There are many individual elements that go into developing an effective and efficient surveillance solution. The ability to deliver the best view of activity, in the most useful format, is always essential. It’s why understanding the range of camera technology options available is so important.

The problem is camera selection is not necessarily a straight forward process: newest does not always equal best; the highest resolution is not always right for the job; and, the cheapest is not always the most cost-effective.

To successfully navigate the camera specification process, organizations need to be aware of a number of factors. This white paper has been developed to highlight some of these important areas to those responsible for camera specification.

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Is 4K the Future?

The range of camera technologies currently available on the market guarantees that all organizations will be able to find an option to fit their individual brief, but only when implemented in the right way.

The undisputable benefit of 4K cameras is that the images they produce have a much greater pixel density. This allows for ‘deeper’ image analysis and greater flexibility. For example, an operator is able to electronically zoom in and focus on extremely fine details without losing overall picture quality.

This has significant implications for any organization that requires forensic surveillance of the highest evidential standard. The fact that operators can zoom much further into an image before experiencing any form of degradation also facilitates a more advanced level of video analytics.

For these reasons, and the fact that 4K is a concept breaking into consumer markets, it is likely that 4K cameras will be the future. But there are drawbacks and challenges associated with 4K, that until met will mean 1080 will continue to be the norm.

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