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short description: Find out how towns and cities can make the leap from traditional surveillance systems to an intelligently integrated Smart City solution.
title_list_view: Public Space Surveillance
title: Public Space Surveillance White Paper
sub-title: Making smart transitions from legacy systems

This white paper explores the future of public space surveillance. It looks at how towns and cities can make the leap from traditional systems to an intelligently integrated Smart City solution, and why even relatively small transitional steps can have a significant impact on performance.

How exactly do towns and cities make the leap from traditional public space surveillance to a Smart City style solution? Amidst budget, regulatory, political, and logistical constraints, the path forward is not always clear.

This white paper explores this topic in more detail, identifies the possible transition processes, and explains how those responsible for public space protection have an opportunity to leverage legacy technology in order to prepare for a smarter future.

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One collaboration at a time

Adopting open architecture command and control surveillance software as the cornerstone of a hybrid solution opens up almost limitless potential for integration. This does not mean, however, that town and city authorities have to integrate a wide range of systems from the outset in order to see any benefit.

A small number of strategic integrations, perhaps focusing on a single key organizational collaboration at a time, can make a huge difference.

Those responsible for public space protection are looking towards surveillance in order to achieve smarter integration and harness the power of data.

A good, and increasingly common, starting point for authorities taking the Smart City journey is to look at integrations that will facilitate more effective collaborative working with the police.

Integrating remote evidence management software, for example, facilitates secure 24-hour access by key third-party organizations such as the police and HMRC, in line with data protection principles. Selected organizations can request to view and seize footage without having to physically attend the surveillance control room – thus reducing man hours, costs, and ultimately speeding up investigations.

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