Retrieving and restoring footage for seamless surveillance

Using Backfilling capabilities built into our IP cameras and Synergy 3 software, seamless footage retrieval and primary server restoration means you never need know there’s been an outage.

Adding protection at the edge

In the event of a network outage or camera connection failure, edge recording is the only way to ensure data isn’t lost.

But without the right solution in place to manage the retrieval process, surveillance teams face the time-consuming and tedious task of piecing together disjointed footage stored in different locations.

With our Synergy 3-driven solutions, this Backfilling process is simple. Once connection has been re-established, data recorded on edge devices is automatically located, retrieved, and restored to the normal storage array. On review, the now complete footage appears as one seamless and continuous stream.

Business as usual, even when it isn’t

Moreover, the solution has been developed with Synergy 3 and our HD IP cameras to ensure that viewing, recording, and Backfilling can all take place simultaneously, without negatively impacting on image quality or speed.

This ensures that surveillance/security teams will always be able to view live footage and track ongoing situations, even if recording or Backfilling is taking place. For highly secure environments, fast-paced settings, and organizations critical to infrastructure, data redundancy or replication might be essential but it can never compromise ongoing monitoring and control. With Backfilling, it won’t.

Designed to complement, rather than replace traditional redundancy and resiliency measures, Backfilling can offer a vital ‘save the day’ mechanism to make sure our customers always have the footage they need at their fingertips.

With significant implications for coordinated disaster response and emerging applications for smart cities and transport convergence, enabling multi-agency collaboration via integrated, interoperable solutions is a key focus for Synectics.

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