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Situational Awareness

Integrating, interrogating, and presenting data in a way that identifies risk, prioritizes threats, and supports real-time responsive action.

When siloed systems become a unified solution

Security, safety, process, and sector-specific systems all provide valuable information, each delivering critical clarity on key aspects of operations. But without also understanding how these systems, and the events they detect, relate to each other, organizations risk missing important details that indicate imminent or actual threat.

To identify and deal with situations of concern, siloed systems must be brought together to provide a 360-degree view of all activity. To achieve situational awareness, context is crucial and we deliver this by integrating disparate systems and technologies, proprietary and/or third-party, and analyzing them using a single, unified interface.

Applying customizable, application-led rules, alarms, and integrated analytics, Synergy 3 ‒ Synectics’ command and control platform ‒ seeks out events and data combinations that signify risk, alerting operators whenever specific criteria are met, and constantly updates information based on real-time data.

Data that’s ready for action

Synergy 3 supports situational awareness by ensuring that operators are presented with the details they need to make decisions and take action.

Using a powerful GIS mapping engine, important information like alerts, location-specific data, camera locations, and integrated system details, such as access control points or GPS signals, are displayed so that operators can see, click, and mine information for a complete understanding of any situation.

Data is also made actionable in other ways. For example, condition-triggered workflows provide on-screen step-by-step guidance that is always based on the latest available intelligence from integrated systems. Incident reporting enables operators to tag, comment on, and add hyperlinks to video and system data, aiding team-wide situational awareness and collaborative working. Together with features such as live system health monitoring, our solutions ensure individuals, teams, and agencies always have the details they need at their fingertips.

Security, Safety, and Operational Efficiency

Our open architecture solutions enable customers to integrate, monitor, and manage data from any number of third-party sub-systems, within a secure, unified, and visually intuitive environment, giving security teams a 360-degree view of operations for real-time situational awareness.

Detecting risk by integrating, analyzing, and alarming live data is the first stage. Beyond that, our end-to-end solutions help operators manage risk through condition-triggered guidance workflows, and integrated tools that enable coordinated, collaborative action to mitigate risk and manage threats.

Built-in GIS mapping means alerts and camera views are displayed against exact site layouts for incident pinpointing, activity hot spot detection, and rapid response, while GPS data and geo fencing capabilities allow automated location/proximity-driven protocol enforcement, such as vehicle/driver security verification and worker tracking.

By unifying and analyzing data from surveillance, alarm, transactional, and external information systems, then sorting it and applying user-defined rules, our solutions cut through irrelevant noise to help operators identify real-time risk and retrospectively investigate incidents.

Wherever security is paramount, operators needs to know their system is fully operational and behaving exactly as it should. Built around Synergy 3, our solutions constantly run diagnostic tests for live system health analysis, automatically flag issues requiring attention, and, with a comprehensive suite of management tools, help operators customize settings and reports for complete operational confidence.

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