Data-driven insight, made actionable

Using video content and data analytics integration with Synergy 3’s powerful dataveillance capabilities, organizations can quickly see the details that matter.

Determining risk, mining information

Effective surveillance is no longer just about what you can see; it’s about what you can do with the combined visual and analytic data at your fingertips – making systems integration key. The trouble is, there is a significant volume of data involved.

Where security and surveillance are critical, control room teams can’t afford to miss a thing, but they also haven’t got time to deep-dive into every piece of data at their disposal. They need to be able to cut through the noise to quickly identify and respond to events that deserve attention. That’s where Dataveillance can help.

An analytics engine within our Synergy 3 command control platform, Dataveillance sorts information pushed from integrated systems into a structured, common database to which customized rules – based on any combination of user-defined criteria – and alerts can be applied that flag up risk.

In other words, it unifies and interrogates information from disparate sources to automatically identify incidents or threats that would otherwise be virtually impossible to uncover. It is a customizable tool for automated data interrogation.

Analytical rules applied in real time

Originally created to help one of our gaming customers detect scammers in the act, the Dataveillance engine within Synergy 3 can alert control room teams to threat indicators in real time, from point-of-sale refunds where nobody is in line, to driver IDs varying from scheduled employee shift patterns/authorized supplier lists. It can also be used forensically for rapid investigation of historical data that may otherwise take a huge amount of time and resources to filter.

And because it is a completely customizable program, users are able to create rules that match their own specific issues, challenges, and business objectives.

Integrated with Synergy 3’s GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping functionality, the power of this tool is even greater. By overlaying the results of live data analysis against floorplans, site, and region-wide maps, security/surveillance teams can see, hover, click, and drill down into data to rapidly investigate and manage incidents. Dataveillance turns a series of seemingly unrelated data into actionable intelligence.

It empowers users to work smarter, not harder, giving them instant access to the relevant and specific information they need, and – through features such as integrated workflows that guide operatives through response scenarios based on interactive “if/and/or” decision prompts – the ability and confidence to take appropriate and consistent action under critical conditions.

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