GIS Mapping

Locating risks and 'surfacing up' significance

Map-based information display is essential to modern security and surveillance as it enables key systems, locations, and alarms to be viewed holistically for an instant understanding of events.

Linking locations with information

Without being intrinsically linked to the data presented, maps are often restricted in the level of situational awareness they support.

Synergy 3’s enhanced mapping engine, with GIS technology, addresses this by unifying geo spatial information with real-time security, management, and operational data within a common database accessed via a single, map-centric GUI. As well as being a more intuitive means to navigate information and control systems, by using icons and touch-screen technology, this also enables complex relationships and trends to be more easily identified and explored.

By integrating and interrogating geographically referenced data/metadata with information generated by cameras, access control, emergency systems, sensors, process control solutions, point of sale, or any other business-critical system, and displaying these details as indicators on a map, users can see, analyze, and better understand incidents and evolving situations.

Surfacing up significance

GIS integration lends itself to any scenario where geographically visualizing data in real time can aid threat detection and rapid, informed decision-making.

Identifying any location-specific security alerts, police notifications, or traffic accidents that may impact on transport services or secure delivery routes; being able to see which gaming tables are experiencing betting values or play statistics outside set parameters; quickly understanding which doors to lockdown and staff to notify by radio relating to indicators of mechanical/process failure – these are all easily achievable.

With Synergy 3, displaying the up-to-date outcomes of user-defined rules applied to integrated data, and the accurate position of sources/subjects involved, operators can see where and when action is needed.

Rapidly changing events can be clearly tracked on screen by a single operator or collaborative team - since GIS mapping enables organizations to view external geo-location data, collaborating teams can easily consist of personnel from multiple agencies. And by pairing these capabilities with Synergy 3’s workflow functionality, incidents of significance are also accompanied by on-screen guidance for fast, informed response.


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