Critical systems working as one

By enabling third-party integration of key safety, security, and operational systems, Synergy 3 delivers precise information with big-picture perspective to ensure no threat goes unnoticed.

Synergy 3 is an open architecture platform designed to present and manage alarms and transactional data from independent third-party systems in a secure, unified, and visually intuitive command and control environment.

Communications and GPS

Our solutions integrate real-time and non-real-time communication systems, including telephony, instant messaging, web conferencing (audio and visual), email, public address solutions, intercoms, help points, and SMS, to deliver a full ‘Unified Communications’ service.

This enables operators to gather and issue information quickly through a single system, while also ensuring that all communications relating to an incident or threat investigation/verification are securely logged for later review and/or for evidentiary purposes.

Any IP-based communication device, including tablets, man-down trackers, and more, can be integrated as part of an end-to-end solution. As most of these devices are GPS-enabled, central command teams can also easily track communications by location – with on-board GIS mapping automatically identifying the exact position of any messages/alerts received.


Where threats need to be detected at a range that exceeds most camera limits, our integrated radar solution offers a way to improve situational awareness and implement a valuable early warning, identification, and tracking mechanism.

On notification of distant targets detected by radar, Synergy 3 is able to automatically cue cameras (optical or cooled thermal cameras depending on distance requirements) to observe, continuously track, and – through integration with Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), GPS data, and similar technologies ‒ visually classify the approaching target/s, in order to determine the potential threat level.

The solution can be used in conjunction with our own COEX C2000 and C3000 cameras and/or third-party cameras. And for marine and offshore applications, Synergy 3 can also be programmed to present operators with vital data such as vessel type, name and call sign, and ‒ using absolute positioning ‒ closest point/time to closest point of approach (CPA/TCPA).

Process control

For many of the organizations we work with, process consistency and accuracy are paramount. Any deviation from set parameters and outputs, particularly in hazardous industrial settings, may jeopardize staff and/or public safety, and can be indicative of a potential security breach or malicious attack. For complete situational awareness, operators need to know of any time process control data differs from the norm.

We make sure this happens by integrating process control solutions (including thermal/radiometric-enabled cameras), information from emergency and sensory edge-device systems such as fire, smoke, gas, and chemical detection, and other critical systems so that Synergy 3 can identify and alert users to specific readings/data combinations of concern.

In this way, issues such as overheating, poor gas/water flow, poor chemical composition, and leakages can be detected and dealt with rapidly, before they have a chance to escalate.

Point of sale

Where cash is critical, the risk of theft, fraud, and staff collusion is always a concern. From retail environments to large-scale leisure and gaming resorts, any point of sale (POS) can also be a point of weakness.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate POS data and synchronize video footage to provide rapid visual verification of any transaction to investigate suspicious activity and evidence of fraud. Using Synergy 3, searches and reports can be carried out/created almost instantly using a wide range of filters, including time, staff ID, transaction type, value etc.

With integrated analytics and Dataveillance, control room teams can also establish and alarm specific real-time risk indicators, for instance alerting operators any time a refund is issued but cameras detect no individuals in line, where merchandise purchased doesn’t match the barcode scanned, or where a POS user ID login differs from staff schedules/personnel registered as on site by access control.

External information sources

For achieving complete situational awareness it is vital to have access to all relevant sources of information, even if those sources sit outside an organization’s own systems.

For this reason, our Synergy 3 command and control platform has also been designed to integrate and display important external data sources, including social media posts, RSS feeds, web content, and government threat level information.

Displayed on-screen, alongside data from critical site systems and camera footage, this external information can give valuable context to threats detected and can also be used to automate specific protocols. For instance, a change in national threat status can be used to initiate heightened security measures, including upgrading alerts or adapting on-screen displays for priority monitoring.


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