Operational Protection

From quick statistic displays, to customized reports on system and operator performance, our solutions are designed to keep users informed.

Real-time monitoring

For a 360-degree view of operations, it isn’t enough to understand external threats. Organizations also need to be aware of any internal factors that may impact on security, safety, or efficiency. And for that, they need to know the system they depend on is operating effectively.

Synergy 3’s integral health checking feature self-monitors and continuously tracks for pre-fail conditions to alert operators to any potential issues so that preventative action can be taken in order to avoid downtime. The system can also be programmed to automatically notify technicians of issues requiring immediate attention, provide data on devices/performance history, and alert management when key maintenance or repairs have been completed.

A comprehensive suite of reporting tools

With Synergy 3, operators have the ability and freedom to create customized reports on critical information, in an instant.

At the touch of a button, users can sort and search data by a wide range of user-defined fields and metadata criteria. By quickly and efficiently being able to call up meaningful data and filter, for example, by camera, geographical area, timeframe, and incident type, operators can more easily investigate live situations and create incident reports to securely share between team members and external agencies and ensure everyone is informed.

Learn more about our management and reporting tools.

Live dashboards for complete situational awareness

Because our solutions constantly collate and mine information from any integrated sub-system, reports may also be presented as live data dashboards that guarantee up-to-date insight. Operators can prioritize display of any statistic/figure deemed useful as a key performance indicator, for instance types of incident in a set reporting period, such as perimeter breaches, access control issues, and point-of-sale fraud.

Equally, dashboards can be created to help monitor and manage live incidents, with infographic-style, quick-statistic displays constantly updating to present operators with real-time views of personnel deployed, motion-activated alerts, or any other statistic useful for maintaining an overview of ongoing events.

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