Risk Management

Identifying risk and delivering the appropriate response

Our solutions allow data to be combined, analyzed, alarmed, and securely shared to better identify and deal with risks before they escalate.


Managing risk first requires quickly identifying the risks in play – an area ideally suited to data analytics. Driven by Synergy 3, our solutions support integration with Video Content Analysis (VCA) software and hardware, enabling virtual tripwire/motion detection, left object detection, loitering detection, heat mapping, flame/smoke/chemical detection, footfall/headcount analysis, and facial recognition.

And, because Synergy 3 is conformant with ONVIF Profile C, it also supports data analytics through direct integration with sensor-based edge devices for detecting changes in conditions such as temperature, air quality, moisture, wind speed – anything that may impact security or operating conditions. All data captured can be custom-alarmed and integrated with wider risk and incident management tools to automatically trigger appropriate response protocols.

Process guidance

Using Synergy 3, our solutions logically connect alarm events to video and situational management processes, alerting operators to any event, or combination of events, that signifies risk. But what next? In high-pressure, security-critical conditions, operators need to be able to take informed decisions quickly, and manage appropriate reactive processes with precision and consistency.

This is where integrated dynamic workflows can make a big difference. In addition to alerting operators to any risks/threats detected, Synergy 3 can also be set up to launch automated, on-screen, step-by-step guidance for operators to ensure responses are appropriate to the event in question, and in line with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Learn more about workflows.

Unified communications

Situational awareness is greatly enhanced by enabling clear and efficient lines of communication, both for receiving up-to-date intelligence and for dispatching appropriate personnel to deal with specific safety, security, or operational issues. Synergy 3 supports this by integrating any IP-based communications system/device to deliver a complete ‘Unified Communications’ service.

At the touch of a button, personnel in the field, such as maintenance teams or security patrol staff, can message or ‘call in’ vital data – including video/picture content – which is then automatically logged by the system, and, if applicable, used to trigger command center alerts and response workflows. This mechanism can also be used for public support services such as campus information points and vehicle-to-ground passenger assistance.

The solution also ensures that, on detecting any threats, centrally based command teams can quickly message, dispatch, and stay in constant contact with key personnel. Additionally, specific communication can be automated based on data received, such as pre-recorded public safety announcements or evacuation guidance.


With the click of a button, any operator using Synergy 3 can initiate live incident protocols and invite additional operator support and/or allocate tasks. A single incident case file is created where map, video, and transactional data is logged, with the system automatically collating video footage and observer notes made by all operators involved.

Because our solutions are open architecture by design, they also facilitate external agency collaboration – for example, with police or local authorities. Inter-organizational workflows, and unified communications capabilities, allow users to securely share key data, automate calls for support or incident warnings, and collaborate on responsive action.

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Multi-agency evidence access

Further supporting multi-agency collaboration, our solutions also ensure evidential data is always securely and responsibly shared with authorized third parties, such as police officers.

From supporting collaborative remote evidence access, to automatically managing evidence requests by authenticating clearance levels and issuing temporary secure storage access codes for specific evidence files, Synergy 3 guarantees the transfer process is compliant, efficient, and fully auditable for clear chain of evidence accountability.

Learn more about our evidence management capabilities.


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