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Recording and Retrieval

Resilience, redundancy, and absolute reliability

Our multi-level approach to redundancy ensures customers can always record, store, and retrieve critical video even during an outage.

Resilient and secure system protection

Our solutions feature a mix of edge-device data replication, server virtualization, and intelligent hardware failover solutions as standard. No matter what happens, video is always recording and retrievable.

In the event of an encoder or server malfunction, for example, the system intuitively identifies the best ‘hot swap’ location to failover recording while also keeping track of all footage in order to guarantee continuous viewing and playback. In the event of any primary server issue, automatic, real-time replication over multiple physical/virtual hot swap servers always guarantees full system control and data access.

Additionally, measures such as dual/redundant hot swap power mean that digital recording/storage devices or networked IP cameras immediately swap to a local power source in the event of a supply outage. And, to minimize storage requirements, camera failover can also be set up so that footage deemed most critical to operations is prioritized for protection. This is a particularly useful tool for large or multi-site organizations that may need to meet regulatory or strict security coverage requirements for sensitive zones/areas most at risk.

Protection against network failure

Edge-based recording is an invaluable safety net in the event of an outage – which is why we’ve built this capability into our range of HD IP cameras. But after an outage, once the network is restored, operators may have to piece together video now located in different places, a potentially time-consuming process that can also result in fragmented footage. Our Backfilling functionality solves this problem. Any ‘missing’ video is automatically located and copied back onto the primary storage server for seamless video viewing, recording, and retrieval.

Learn more about Backfilling.

Storage that is never overwhelmed

Compatible with leading cameras and encoders, Synectics’ highly scalable PSN 4 provides up to 126TB of ultra-reliable storage with a throughput of 700 mbps for exceptional data performance. Flexible storage management options enable users to individually configure video stream frame rate, resolution, retention, and data rate – with real-time and time-lapse options – for storage optimization.

Together with multi-nodal data replication/hot swap redundancy, edge-recording/Backfilling compatibility, and automated SHA-2 evidential encryption, our storage and digital recording solutions guarantee high-quality video capture, failsafe retention, and absolute data integrity.

In addition to meeting storage requirements with our own technologies, Synergy 3’s open architecture also ensures that customers can use solutions from leading third-party storage suppliers; Synergy 3 is, for example, fully compatible with EMC storage area networks (SAN) solutions.

With this flexibility, organizations with network storage already established can benefit from Synergy 3’s digital recording and video management, without having to implement a separate, dedicated surveillance storage depository.

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