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Our integrated station and on-vehicle security and surveillance solution offers a fully connected experience, better protecting passengers and staff.


Rail passenger journeys are protected by Synectics each year

Unify Your Security and Operations

By unifying your station and on-vehicle security and operational video and data, you’ll gain holistic, real-time intelligence to manage resources and serve passengers.

Manage Incidents Effectively

Our system interoperability, data analysis, and workflows, improves incident management and collaboration with external agencies, with complete situational awareness.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Our analytics engine and automated processes helps you rapidly identify risks such as left luggage, suspicious behaviour, and passenger bottle necks.

Enhance the Passenger Experience

When a help point is triggered, you’re presented with relevent live video streams, direct passenger communication and on-screen workflows to provide the best possible service and support.

Collaborate With Ease

Keep pace with passenger expectations and evolving security risks by easily sharing data between control centres, law enforcement, and local authorities.

Make Informed Decisions

Identify areas of operational improvement, surface up problem hot spots, and maximize network-wide incident tracking to support planning and process improvements.

Pioneering Smart Transport Solutions for S-Bahn Berlin

Keeping 1.5 million passengers safe and secure everyday

See how we can deliver absolute peace of mind for your organisation