Synectics has released its latest ‘Tech Note’ to help businesses and organisations explore how video analytics can transform their security and surveillance operations.

The free Video Surveillance and Analytics Tech Note highlights how operators can maximise intelligence and analytics from real-time video data. It draws on Synectics' deep experience in the design and deployment of advanced surveillance solutions for highly regulated and specialised industries around the world.

Martyn Rowe, Head of Product Management at Synectics, said: “Analytics is a dominant trend in the surveillance industry right now, particularly in the current climate of COVID-19."

“In addition to providing organisations with valuable real-time intelligence, applying analytics to a wide range of connected and integrated data sets can help businesses better understand and serve their customers. It can be a potent business tool, particularly for critical security or safety applications.”

Rowe continued: “Our customers ask us questions about the benefits of video analytics and which technology might be best suited for their particular needs. These range from technical queries concerning technical implementation and the most appropriate mechanism for detecting fraud, theft, and suspicious activity, and integrating analytics with surveillance and data management solutions. This paper is a useful tool to help these businesses navigate that journey.”

The ‘Tech Note’ looks at how to implement video content analytics in security, safety, and operational efficiency strategies. Key topics include implementation methods, hardware and software requirements and how to benefit from analytics technology.

Analytics capabilities covered in the document include facial recognition, virtual tripwires, motion detection, left object detection, loitering detection, heat maps, footfall and headcount analysis, and traffic monitoring.

Another specific focus is how command and control software can help operators integrate not only analytics but also use alarm and workflow programs to automate critical processes and activities in response to captured data.

The Tech Note is the latest in a portfolio of free resources developed by Synectics.

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