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Synergy is an efficient and cost-effective security and surveillance solution improving patient care, safety, and security.

Enhance Your Hospital's Security and Surveillance with Synergy

Consolidate into a Single Platform

Synergy enables you to consolidate your security and surveillance systems across campuses, clinics and wards into one system, improving security while creating efficiencies.

Complete Situational Awareness

Our solution provides a clear and accurate understanding of what is happening across your sites at all times, helping to reduce crime, theft and loitering.

Manage Incidents Faster

Respond effectively to incidents using Synergy's incident management features, helping you manage and de-escalate situations.

Take the Right Action, Every Time

Set up workflows that reflect your Standard Operating Procedures ensuring your security team takes the correct steps when responding to an incident or alert.

Collaborate with Ease

Securely share real-time information and evidence with the police and other stakeholders via Synectics' Cloud Evidence Locker.

Secure What Matters

Synergy's Access Control integration provides the right access for the right people, reducing theft, protecting privacy, and improving patient and staff safety.


  • Cloud evidence management

  • Secure evidence sharing

  • Dynamic mapping

  • Investigation view

  • Cybersecure

  • Custom User Permissions

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition

  • Workflows

  • Dashboards

  • Management reporting

  • Remote access

  • Full audit trail

Case Studies

Prioritising Patients’ Safety


What Our Customers Say

Synergy will help us improve patient safety now and in the future. We're also looking forward to how it can improve patient care through integration with healthcare technology.

NHS Spokesperson

See how we can deliver absolute peace of mind for your organisation