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Synectics is a leader in advanced security and surveillance systems that help protect people, property, communities, and assets around the world. 

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We have a deep and unique understanding of our customers’ issues and challenges, and we draw on this to create solutions they can rely on completely – giving them peace of mind by securing the assets, people, and livelihoods they are responsible for protecting. We have built an enduring reputation for our problem-solving expertise, technical excellence, and total commitment to delivering for our customers.

Our Vision
Our Purpose

Our vision is to be at the forefront of developing solutions that are tailored for specific markets where security and surveillance are critical to operations.

We value our people and culture highly, and through this we build a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, and strive to continually enhance our products, services, collaboration and support to create solutions they can rely on completely.

Customer-Driven Solutions


From Tech Start-Up to Problem Solver

Synectics was founded as a surveillance technology R&D house with one simple aim. To develop technologies that either didn’t exist or needed enhancing to best meet the requirements of each project we worked on.

At the time, and through the 1990s, when Government funding saw a dramatic increase in town and city centre CCTV schemes in the UK, these were almost entirely public space contracts. To this day, public space surveillance remains a core Synectics strand, with our solutions monitoring over 100 town and city centres worldwide.

Satisfying Sector Needs

In the 2000s, we honed our proposition. While tailored to individual project needs, our solutions shared a common theme. They were, and remain to this day, suited to large-scale projects with a clearly defined critical or legislative need for security. 

By this time, our expertise in critical surveillance had also seen us build profiles in high-security and heavy industrial settings, particularly in the Oil and Gas market. Our acquisition of COEX Ltd, a firm specialising in camera technology and known for its Oil and Gas expertise, and Alpha Point, LLC coincided with the first major gaming contract win in North America and further supported our offering for these sectors.

Expanding Our Reach

With a Sheffield head office, a North American sales and service base in place, and a clear sector-focussed approach generating organic growth across continents, Synectics truly began to go global.

Our Oil and Gas portfolio included world-leading land-based and offshore projects in the North Sea, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australasia, North Africa, and the Americas. We began winning competitive mega casino contracts across Asia Pacific – the new power in global gaming. And, supported by our acquisition of Indanet AG in Munich, our transport and infrastructure solutions started to spread across Europe and beyond.

Technology Evolution

Significant technology development investment has continued to be focused on expanding the range of capabilities of our core Synergy platform, delivered in traditional, Cloud-based or hybrid architectures, to enable end-to-end control of the overall surveillance function and resources in complex operations.

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