Our surveillance and security solutions support and enable those responsible for making cities safer and smarter.


Monitoring more than 100 town and city centres

Manage Incidents Faster

Quickly and easily create, manage and share incidents securely with complete evidential integrity.

Collaborate With Ease

Our open architecture solution enables seamless cross-city collaboration between control rooms, local authorities and emergency services.

Right Action, Every Time

Ensure the correct steps and actions are taken to manage day-to-day tasks and incidents effectively.

Report, Analyse, Act

Create configurable dashboards and reports to improve KPI tracking, analysis and decision-making.

Simple Pathway to the Cloud

Our flexible technology means you can migrate to the Cloud how and when you want.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Manage and coordinate an incident in real-time at the control centre and in the field


  • Cloud evidence management

  • Secure evidence sharing

  • Dynamic mapping

  • Investigation view

  • Clip baskets

  • Bookmarks

  • Task management

  • Workflows

  • Dashboards

  • Management reporting

  • Remote access

  • Full audit trail

Safety for All

A Handbook for Public Space Surveillance

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