Stadiums and Venues

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Stadiums and Venues

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Our security and surveillance solution for stadiums and venues offers complete situational awareness and incident management, supporting a seamless visitor experience.

Keeping venues, staff, and visitors safe through a unified security and surveillance solution

Gain a Full View of Your Venue

Keep thousands of visitors safe before, during and after an event with seamless access, incident and operations management.

Deliver Consistent Event Management

Automated, customisable procedures ensure staff and contractors do the right thing at the right time, keeping everyone safe and secure.

Provide a Great End-to-End Experience

Our collaboration tools empower external stakeholders to access live and recorded video and data ensuring an enjoyable visitor experience.

Identify and Respond to Threats, Fast

Our in-built analytics enables you to quickly locate and track a person or vehicle of interest across your entire site.

Keep Your Venue Secure

Manage the access of large numbers of staff, contract workers and suppliers with traffic and access control management, granting or restricting access to sensitive areas.

Discover Insights, Make Decisions

Make smarter operational and security decisions by combining analytics and data together into easy-to-understand dashboards and reports.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Keeping visitors safe and secure


  • Management reporting

  • Dashboards

  • Task management

  • Remote access

  • Heat mapping, loitering, virtual perimeters analytics integration

  • Workflows

  • Dynamic mapping

  • Investigation view

  • Cloud evidence management

  • Access control, fire and smoke detection, ANPR, radio integration

Case Studies

Boosting Security and Efficiency for One of the UK’s Largest Retail Environments


What Our Customers Say

Protecting a site of this type and scale means evolving constantly. We’re confident we have the right system to keep our visitors and venues safe for years.

Tony Tolley, Head of Security & Safety

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