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Oil & Gas

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Safeguarding oil and gas projects, from onshore refineries, plants, and pipelines to offshore vessels and platforms.


COEX camera stations delivered to oil & gas and marine installations in the last ten years

Protection in the Toughest Conditions

Our COEX cameras and security and surveillance solution, Synergy, offers complete protection for Oil and Gas facilities.

Mitigate Risk to People and Processes

Process equipment can be monitored to swiftly identify and verify the location of anomalies in restricted access areas or where staff cannot enter.

Monitor Remotely

Unmanned locations can be monitored and managed remotely where it’s not always efficient, economical, or safe for staff to be deployed on-site.

Failsafe Flare Monitoring

COEX thermal camera stations combined with Synergy, monitors flare stack operations to fully meet safety, performance, and regulatory standards.

Detect and Respond to Threats Rapidly

Integrating surveillance with perimeter and intruder detection systems ensures cameras are automatically directed towards trigger events and prioritised on-screen.

Safeguarding Oil and Gas Facilities Worldwide


  • Process monitoring

  • Alarm management

  • Task management

  • Management reporting

  • Investigation view

  • Dynamic mapping

  • Flare monitoring

  • Remote access

  • Workflows

  • Dashboards

  • Cloud evidence management

  • Full audit trail

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