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Improve detection and response to threats, reduce the potential for costly downtime, and safeguard vital utility services.

Protecting utilities and critical service networks

Spot Potential Threats Rapidly

Detect, identify, and classify potential threats by integrating with radar, virtual tripwires, and other perimeter or intruder detection systems.

Monitor Multiple Sites

Enable video, audio, PIR activations, and other alarm inputs – from multiple locations – to be streamed to local operators or a dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre for centralised security.

Avoid unnecessary downtime

Identify failure risks and address them before they have a chance to escalate, avoiding unnecessary and unscheduled downtime.

Protect Lone Workers

Data from GPS trackers or body-worn sensors can be monitored to track a lone worker’s location and status, flagging any potential support needs or emergencies.

Integrate Access Control

By integrating your access control you’ll confidently know who is on site, their status and clearance levels, reducing false alarms and improving efficiency.

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