COEX Cameras


Designed to deliver surveillance in all lighting conditions, COEX thermal camera stations provide increased visibility over conventional cameras. From offshore threat detection to process monitoring, and perimeter intruder detection, our cameras are protecting people, processes, and assets throughout the world.

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Outstanding Performance

Our premium-performance COEX camera stations incorporate the latest thermal imaging technology, providing comprehensive coverage of a wide range of site applications where the benefits of using visible and thermal imaging are required.


COEX camera stations are designed for both toughness and durability as demanded for operation in the most adverse of environments, providing unprecedented visual feedback in all lighting conditions.


COEX camera stations are available in multiple options and configurations. From direct ethernet, IP over Coax or Fibre, mains power, and SD, HD, and 4K video, you can be assured of a solution that meets your needs.


Synectics excels at providing innovative solutions for specialist camera needs. From developing the first Ex-rated thermal camera station to launching the first 4K TriMode camera station to the market. COEX cameras consistently deliver world-leading technology. 

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