Security and Surveillance

Cloud Evidence Locker

Share evidence with the police, emergency services, internal teams, and third parties securely.

The Cloud Evidence Locker is natively supported in Synergy, enabling seamless upload and secure sharing of incident footage.

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Fast and Simple to Use

Quickly upload footage and documents, and effortlessly export incident clips into a secure cloud environment.

Collaborate with Local Agencies and Third Parties

Share evidence and collaborate with stakeholders instantly and securely, inside and outside your organisation.

Maintain Full Audit Trails

Stay in complete control of cases and evidence, and the audit trail associated with it.

Manage Access with Ease

Set the correct permissions for every user and user group, restricting the ability of account holders to view, download, and manage information.

Maintain Data Privacy

Our AI-enabled facial redaction tool lets you efficiently mask sensitive data before it’s shared.

Critical Collaboration Made Easy

See how we can deliver absolute peace of mind for your organisation