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Resilient and reliable, but also highly scalable and user-friendly, Synergy ensures you see the information that matters to protect people, secure assets, and improve efficiencies.

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When Speed of Response Counts

Important information and notifications are presented when it matters so you can act quickly.

­­Manage Incidents Faster

Coordinate and collaborate inside and outside of the control room to manage incidents effectively and securely with a full audit trail.

­­Take the Right Action, Every Time

The Workflows feature ensures you take the correct steps when responding to any event – from critical situations and evolving incidents to daily routine tasks.

­­Improve Situational Awareness

Synergy maps provide a detailed overview of the situation. With easy navigation, simply zoom out or drill down to monitor and coordinate effectively.

Activate Your Data

Gain insights and make faster, data-driven decisions with dynamic dashboards that display the information you need.

Report and Track with Ease

Reports and audit trails provide valuable insight to help coordinate security resources, understand threats, plan budgets and enhance efficiencies.

Coordinate, Collaborate & Communicate

Why Choose Synergy?

Synergy is built to grow with you and last a lifetime. Start with a core solution and easily scale up when you need to.


As part of our commitment to providing an open architecture security management platform, we collaborate with leading technology companies across the industry to develop best-of-breed integrations with third-party products and solutions.

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