By 2030, the ‘AI for public security and safety market’ is expected to reach $71 billion¹. Significant growth is also expected ‘beyond security,’ with 87% of enterprises believing AI is important to revenue growth, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced customer experience.

There are many benefits on offer with AI. Synergy security and surveillance software can help you leverage them more flexibly. Here are four things you should know.

1. Integral and integrated AI gives you more choice

Synergy can integrate data from third-party AI solutions, including video analytics (cloud, on-premises, or edge-based). This enables you to select the best solution for your goals, from intelligent queue management and biometric access management to intruder or suspicious activity detection.

Synergy also uses built-in AI algorithms to deliver more value from the data it receives, including information from these integrated solutions.

As well as being able to apply rules that detect and alert you when specific data combinations occur, your system can also learn – for instance, understanding what’s ‘normal’ for a given scene so that it can more accurately spot anomalies and prevent false alerts. An example of this might be that a person walking is fine, but a person climbing is not.

2. Real-time risk detection

You can use facial recognition to detect persons of interest or virtual zoning and metadata analysis to spot unsafe activity, such as non-compliance with health and safety processes, in real-time with Synergy.

This is because Synergy supports ‘computer vision’. IBM defines computer vision as a ‘field of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables computers and systems to derive meaningful information from digital images, videos and other visual inputs – and take actions or make recommendations based on that information’. 

Synergy delivers these recommendations as on-screen guidance (known as workflows) that can automate responses and guide operators through protocols that match the scenario detected.

3. Gain insights that improve your operations

AI isn’t just about detecting immediate risks. It can also provide insights that help improve security, processes, and services.

For instance, Synergy can detect activity patterns for a specific zone over a given period. Applications of this capability include buyer behaviour in retail, traffic patterns to inform city centre layouts, and incident hot spot detection for more effective deployment of security resources and safety measures.

4. AI to meet privacy requirements

Whatever your sector or objectives, safeguarding public privacy will be a regulatory and reputational priority. A task to which AI is also well-suited.

Just as AI can detect faces and match them against watch lists or staff registers for access purposes, it can also recognise faces in footage and blur, pixelate, or entirely cover them.

With our Cloud Evidence Locker – natively supported in Synergy – an AI-enabled facial redaction tool lets operators mask sensitive data before secure evidence sharing, aiding collaboration without compromising privacy.


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