Synergy’s Investigation Mode is a rapid search aid available as standard in all Synergy deployments.

How does it work?

It breaks down footage from a user-defined period (minutes, hours, days, etc.) into 16 equal segments and screenshots of each.

The screenshots help you quickly see when changes happen in a scene. For example, if you see a car in screenshot 'nine' but not in screenshot 'eight,' it means the vehicle arrived between those two screenshots. The user can then click on the relevant time segment to repeat the process, splitting the new time frame into another set of 16 screenshots. This continues until the incident is identified.

What is the main advantage of Investigation Mode?

Speed. The process means that users can drill down into tens or even hundreds of hours’ worth of footage to prove or disprove the presence of an object in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take to trawl through material frame by frame.

This means incidents can be investigated and subsequently resolved much faster. It also helps prevent ‘footage fatigue’. Operators reviewing significant volumes of footage for long periods can often miss something. Using this feature will help mitigate that risk.

What types of investigation is this feature useful for?

This feature will help considerably when determining when a person or object entered or left a particular area. Some examples might be verifying delivery times as part of SLAs, confirming alibis, investigating when items were ‘fly-tipped’ at the side of a road, or seeing when (and who) left an unattended bag in a public area.

Critical Collaboration Made Easy

Share evidence securely with the police, emergency services, internal teams, and third parties.

The Cloud Evidence Locker is natively supported in Synergy, enabling seamless upload and secure sharing of incident footage.

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