Here are four ways Synergy security and surveillance software can help you locate, communicate, and share information with internal and external stakeholders for more effective incident management.

Mapping and locational identification

When identifying the right team or individual to deal with an incident, it's important to consider not only their distance from the incident but also their skills, available resources and method of travel.

Synergy’s mapping capabilities, coupled with its ability to integrate with locational devices, for example, GPS-enabled mobiles and handsets, means control room teams can quickly see where everyone is (their availability and resources). By pairing this with HR database information, they can also see and collaborate with teams or individuals best trained to handle the incident.

Integrated comms devices

You can’t collaborate with someone without being able to communicate with them.

Synergy supports widespread comms integration with SIP/VOIP-connected devices, including radios, mobiles and tablets. It can, therefore, serve as a universal communications portal, allowing security and surveillance operators to make and receive calls and send messages as part of rapid response protocols.

The integration also enables situational reports in response to calls to be fed back through the system and logged as part of audit trail data, such as a repair team fixing a machinery malfunction.

Remote surveillance system access

Synergy’s web-client solution allows authorised users to securely view live or recorded video footage, receive alarm notifications and access reporting functionality via any connected device.

This is a powerful collaborative working resource. It means that control room operators, teams based in different offices and remote workers can all see and act on the same information in real time. Staff members can also receive alerts and data relevant to their duties, from engineers being notified of faults to support teams being made aware of customer service issues.  

External stakeholders granted authorisation from the host can also securely access system data such as live streams based on permissions set. This is especially beneficial for multi-agency security efforts, for example, link to major event management.

Secure evidence sharing

An incident may occur where you quickly need to collaborate with external parties by sharing evidence (but not system access) pertinent to what has happened/is happening.

Local authorities, insurers, law enforcement, local public service providers, and emergency responders are all examples of parties who may need fast access to footage.

Synectics’ cloud evidence locker, supported natively in Synergy, is a securely hosted solution enabling you to easily store, share, and manage evidence with external stakeholders.

Crucially, it keeps you in complete control. As with the remote access solutions, a strict permission system means you can easily manage who can upload, view, and download evidence. Moreover, the system automatically logs all activity, meaning that whenever video and other relevant evidence are added, viewed, supplemented, or downloaded, there is an immutable record of this activity for full traceability.

Critical Collaboration Made Easy

Share evidence securely with the police, emergency services, internal teams, and third parties.

The Cloud Evidence Locker is natively supported in Synergy, enabling seamless upload and secure sharing of incident footage.