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Open Architecture Command and Control


Integration to any third-party system

By integrating alarms and transactional data from independent third-party systems - such as access control, surveillance, fire and smoke detection, building management, process control, and point of sale - and allowing it to be monitored and managed in a secure, unified, and visually-intuitive environment, Synergy 3 delivers enhanced situational awareness and a 360-degree view of operations.

Intelligent integration also drives cost and efficiency gains. It negates the need for system-specific training, reduces demand on human resources, and, through integration with workflows based on Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs), enables users to consistently adhere to strict (often highly regulated) procedures.

In addition to existing integrations to leading security products and common standards, custom interface drivers can also be developed upon request.

ONVIF conformance

Synectics is committed to open integration standards, particularly those which support the adoption of IP in the security market. As such, Synergy 3 is fully interoperable with all third-party ONVIF Profile S and G conformant IP devices, such as cameras and encoders.

As well as ensuring that customers can choose the best products to meet specific needs, this also means that the integration process is simplified and costs are potentially reduced.

Database agnostic design

Monitoring multiple systems is the only way security critical sites can truly mitigate risk and detect threats. They depend on data from numerous sources, from perimeter fence, access control, emergency alarms, and process control, to building management, point of sale, and video analytics, making systems integration key.

It’s why Synergy 3 is database agnostic by design.

Our command and control solution is engineered to seamlessly integrate data, video, and alarms from any third-party system where we have access to the Application Programming Interface (API). This ensures that customers using a complex mix of technologies and providers to meet their security, safety, and operational needs, can benefit from an end-to-end security and surveillance management solution tailored to their specific requirements.

Analog to IP migration

The migration from analog to IP and introduction of new technologies such as HD IP and megapixel cameras are the dominant surveillance trends across most sectors where security and mission-critical decision making is a priority. But navigating away from analog to entirely IP is not always feasible in a single step.

Synergy 3 has been designed to ensure operators can benefit from enhanced command and control wherever they are on the migration path.

In addition to supporting fully IP-networked systems, Synergy 3’s open architecture enables footage from analog and IP cameras to be viewed and recorded on a single system. As time and budgets permit, organizations can gradually introduce newer camera technology, along with more sophisticated data integrations.

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