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Powerful integration capabilities and an easy-to-use intuitive interface enable security teams to monitor and protect people, processes, and physical assets.

A complete site overview

Effective security management can be difficult to achieve. It involves using a wide range of systems to protect an organization’s people, processes, and physical assets, while also ensuring that the right measures are in place to mitigate risk.

Individually monitoring systems such as surveillance, access control, and perimeter intrusion detection (PIDS) is labor-intensive and can only ever provide a fragmented picture. What’s needed is a way for security teams to gain a complete and manageable view of operations.

From tracking the status of lone workers deployed in the field, to closely monitoring activity in and around key buildings and processing areas for perimeter breaches, access anomalies, suspicious behavior, and even potential equipment failure, our open architecture security management solutions integrate data from any number of third-party systems to give operators the 360-degree view of operations they need.

Management tools for all security scenarios

Based on over 30 years’ experience, these end-to-end solutions - with Synergy 3 at their core - also give operators the means to manage disparate systems, and to take decisive and coordinated action.

Characterized by features including comprehensive alarm management, dynamic workflows, robust evidence management, and tools that support task allocation, incident escalation, and response collaboration, the solutions we design and deploy are always tailored to meet specific customer objectives. They are also solutions security managers can trust; measures such as resilient data replication and hardware failover eliminate any single point of failure for maximum uptime and absolute peace of mind.

Whether a multi-site business requiring centralized command and control or a single-site enterprise with complex integration needs, the scalable and highly-customizable solutions we offer ensure security teams have the information they need and the tools to take informed action.

Comprehensive Oversight and Control

Our open architecture solutions enable customers to integrate, monitor, and manage data from any number of third-party sub-systems, within a secure, unified, and visually-intuitive environment. We help make sense of complex captured data to give security teams a 360-degree view of operations and a simple mechanism for managing security efficiently and effectively.

Wherever security is paramount to operations, so is the ability to manage and, if necessary, escalate incidents quickly and easily. Dedicated tools within Synergy 3 mean operators can initiate incident management tools at the touch of a button, supporting multi-operator collaboration and task prioritization, and ensuring that all activity, data, and video footage is securely stored for evidentiary purposes.

For organizations seeking to protect assets or satellite sites spread over a wide area, our solutions deliver full peer-to-peer or master/slave command and control. Enabling video, audio, PIR activations, and other alarm inputs - from multiple locations - to be easily streamed directly to local operators and/or to a dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for centralized security management ensures that complex operational infrastructure is never an issue.

Wherever security is operationally critical, so is system reliability. Our customers trust the solutions we develop to always provide the data that matters, right when it matters. With intelligent resiliency and failover capabilities, including edge-based IP camera recording, Hot Swap, and RAID redundancy - eliminating any risk of data and video coverage loss - our solutions ensure downtime is never a problem.

Our flexible solutions enable managers and supervisors to easily oversee and coordinate activity, allocate tasks and access rights, manage customizations, and create tailored reports. And, because Synergy 3 has a multitude of client and display options - including mobile and web browser access - selecting, viewing, and controlling live and/or recorded footage, and accessing system maps and alarm data for incident management, is possible from any networked location.


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