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Redundancy and Resilience

Protecting data and eliminating downtime

For our customers, security is the critical thread that runs through all aspects of their operations. That’s why we design and deploy surveillance solutions with leading edge data replication, server virtualization, and multiple levels of failover to mitigate any risk of data loss or downtime.


Whether operating an analog, IP, or hybrid system, Synergy 3’s on-board health check functionality continuously monitors the system for indicators of potential critical or catastrophic failure, enabling any potential issues to be flagged up – for example, through a dynamic maintenance procedure workflow.

Hot swap

If an immediate issue is detected, such as an encoder or server malfunction, the system intuitively identifies the best ‘hot swap’ location to failover recording, while also keeping track of all footage in order to guarantee continuous viewing and playback. In the event of any primary server issue, automatic, real-time replication over multiple physical and virtual hot swap servers always guarantees full system control and data access.

Additionally, measures such as dual/redundant hot swap power means that digital recording, storage devices, and networked IP cameras immediately swap to a local power source in the event of a supply outage.

Intelligent failover

Intelligent failover features help operators reap all the benefits of system redundancy while also minimizing storage requirements. For example, camera failover can be set up so that footage deemed most critical to operations is prioritized for protection. This is a particularly useful tool for large or multi-site organizations that may need to meet regulatory or strict security coverage requirements for sensitive zones and areas most at risk.


Edge-based recording is an invaluable safety net in the event of an outage – which is why we’ve built this capability into our range of HD IP cameras. But after an outage, once the network is restored, operators may have to piece together video now located in different places, a potentially time-consuming process that can also result in fragmented footage. Our Backfilling functionality solves this problem. Any ‘missing’ video is automatically located and copied back onto the primary storage server for seamless video viewing, recording, and retrieval.

Learn more about Backfilling

Storage support

For large-scale, complex environments that rely heavily on visual data and/or the use of HD IP cameras, reliable storage that guards against data loss is essential. RAID-6 technology is built into our DVRs, PSNs, and management servers as standard, to safeguard data even in the event of multiple drive failures.

Tools such as our evidence management solution also support multiple levels of data redundancy by enabling, for example, incident evidence to be replicated, encrypted, and stored in the cloud for added protection.

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