On-screen guidance for evolving situations

Synergy 3 delivers complete situational awareness by collating disparate data streams, analyzing them for single or combination events that warrant investigation, and alerting operators accordingly.

Helping operators make informed decisions

Synergy 3 associates specific threats with reaction protocols in order to generate on-screen instructions – workflows – that guide operators through the most appropriate next steps for any given situation, supporting rapid, informed decision making in high-pressure environments.

Dynamic by design, workflows adapt based on a combination of live data received and operator input. For example, on detecting movement in an unauthorized zone or receiving a ‘failure to close’ access control notification, a workflow may first ask an operator for visual confirmation (automatically displaying relevant camera feeds on-screen). If a threat is verified, the workflow will then prompt the operator to initiate reactive measures such as security or maintenance team deployment.

Workflows can incorporate custom forms, task allocation, contacts, or automated email/text messaging/telephony, and support multi-operator/multi-agency collaboration on incidents, always ensuring that data received from any operator, staff member (e.g. remote workers, or security personnel), or agency involved is constantly factored into the guidance issued.

Surfacing up significance

Workflow functionality in Synergy 3 is also customizable, enabling organizations to ensure protocols triggered are always in line with their specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). By following the instructions and prompts generated, consistency in a crisis is guaranteed.

This is particularly beneficial for organizations where regulatory compliance is key. Many of our customers use workflows to ensure the correct safety protocols are followed in emergency situations like area lockdowns, response team deployment, or to enforce strict security protocols around the transfer and/or storage of high-value assets/data. Another common application is environmental performance monitoring, with workflows programmed to issue guidance as soon as any risk indicator is detected (e.g. oil sheen, pressure change) that may suggest an imminent hazard with environmental, regulatory, and monetary ramifications.

Workflows can also be programmed to automate specific actions, again to alleviate pressure on human resources. As well as supporting security objectives, this functionality can also help improve operational efficiencies, for example, by automatically messaging and deploying additional support staff when excessive queues are detected in public-service settings such as retail outlets or transport hubs.


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