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Field-Proven, Customer-Driven Command and Control

for comprehensive security and surveillance management

View. Control. Connect. Extend.

Synergy 3 is the foundation of our intelligently integrated turnkey solutions, and reflects our commitment to tailored surveillance systems that seamlessly integrate with third-party products.

Synergy 3 delivers a range of features suitable for entry-level to enterprise-class deployments, which can be cost-effectively implemented across a single or multi-site operation.

Evolved command and control

As control room environments become more complex and diversified, Synergy 3 offers user-friendly, centralized command and control with unparalleled flexibility, expandability, and resiliency.

Streamlined access to commonly used functions accelerates response to critical events, and presents the operator with vital situational information to proactively manage threats quickly and appropriately.


Mitigate Risk and Maximize Efficiency

Synectics has commenced the roll-out of Synergy 3 2019, the latest release of its command and control platform for demanding surveillance and security environments.

Introducing enhanced customizable mapping, camera management, and third-party integration capabilities, this is the most customer-centric iteration of our solution to date. Available across all key markets, Synergy 3 2019 offers practical innovations matched to your unique requirements.

Synergy 3’s database agnostic design gives customers the flexibility to integrate, monitor, and manage data from a wide range of third-party safety, security, and operational systems.

Supporting all leading open integration standards and protocols, including ONVIF, OPC, MODBUS, and SNMP, and with custom interface capability, Synergy 3’s architecture makes it the perfect command and control solution for maximizing legacy equipment, migrating to IP, and adopting emerging technologies.

Where security is critical, time is too. Which is why Synergy 3 is engineered to be easy to install, configure, and use – blending powerful capability with practical, common-sense design and deployment.

Installation wizards simplify and speed up the installation process, while customizable interface layouts and tools for camera/video control, alarm handling, and incident management ensure the user experience can be configured to reflect an organization’s and individual’s objectives, preferences, and access rights.

Synergy 3 makes common operator functions simple and intuitive. A highly customizable touch screen GUI facilitates drag-and-drop configuration and seamless transition between live and recorded video, while features such as advanced GIS mapping ensure that camera selection and control is a simple point-and-click exercise.

Complemented by dynamic Workflows, flexible display options, and multi-operator collaboration tools, Synergy 3 makes sure individuals and teams have the tools and resources they need for maximum efficiency.

Synergy 3’s data-driven reports and audit trails provide valuable insight, whether used to better plan and deploy security resources, understand threats, justify budgets, or to enhance operational efficiencies.

This functionality is complemented by a management tool suite, enabling supervisors to easily set and monitor access rights, allocate and schedule clearance-relevant tasks across teams, store, verify and message key contacts and agencies, and automate essential system functions.

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