Marine CCTV specialist Synectics has been awarded the contract to supply a complete CCTV and control system for the KOGAS LNG Carrier project by Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, and Hanjin Heavy Industries.

A high-quality solution for challenging conditions

The installation will feature revolutionary COEX hazardous and safe area thermal camera stations. These impressive units allow operators to view images with crystal clear detail whether they are viewing through smoke, fog, or total darkness. They are also able to differentiate between, and detect, hot and cold objects, intruders, personnel, and materials.

The remaining camera stations that complete the CCTV system specified for the KOGAS project include the established, and industry-proven, COEX Ex-d certified camera stations.

One of the five vessels is the first LU2 ice-class LNGC ever to be undertaken by DSME. It is well known that the construction of an ice-class LNGC requires greater engineering skills, because the steel and equipment installed on the vessel must withstand cold conditions. In particular, the machinery and equipment installed on the exposed weather deck should be able to operate in an air temperature of -25°C. Furthermore, the vessel can sail on water covered with 0.6m of ice. 

Successful solutions around the globe

Synectics’ 35 years of experience in providing systems for adverse environments proved invaluable when providing a solution for this particular vessel, which uses the robust and tough camera stations. COEX camera stations and Synectics control equipment can operate in these challenging conditions, demonstrating Synectics' capabilities to meet the exacting requirements of its clients.

These five LNG vessels will be used to bulk ship LNG between Yemen and Russia’s Sakhalin-2 project to KOGAS import terminals at PyongTaek, Incheon, and Tong Yeong.

Darren Alder, Divisional Director, Synectics, credited the contract award to the ongoing relationship with each shipbuilder combined with Synectics’ presence in Korea, via local agent Stein Sohn Korea, stating: “Synectics can provide local commissioning and service for our customers as well as prompt responses to any enquiry, which is a valuable asset to both Synectics and the customer.”