Synectics has partnered with Lenovo to provide enterprise-class server hardware for its customers. Thanks to its reputation for high-performance and cyber security-hardened products, Lenovo was chosen to provide server hardware customised to Synectics’ specific needs.

“Lenovo appealed to us as a tier-one, enterprise-class vendor. Increasingly, our users are within or aligned with the IT department, and Lenovo is an instantly recognisable name to them," comments Jonathon Squires, Head of Tech Partnerships and Tech Solutions at Synectics

Working closely with Lenovo's solutions team, Synectics provided precise technical specifications, optimising the hardware for high-throughput video surveillance data and a bespoke support offering tailored to Synectics' needs. The hardware was validated and performance tested under high demand by the Synectics product team to ensure performance and resilience delivered as expected.

“We’re always optimising our solutions to give customers increased performance and capabilities to meet their existing and future operational demands. Our goal was to find the right technological foundations to ensure high security, performance and cost-efficiency.”
Jon Squires, Head of Tech Partnerships and Tech Solutions, Synectics

Keeping customer data safe

Leveraging Lenovo's hardware, Synergy security and surveillance software enables customers to view events and orchestrate their response remotely. This introduces powerful new capabilities but also the additional risk of cyber vulnerabilities. 

Squires emphasises the importance of robust infrastructure to address cyber vulnerabilities, "Since our Synergy solutions are business-critical for customers, it’s crucial we choose robust, resilient infrastructure with high levels of security to mitigate these risks. We appreciate the fact that Lenovo is continually rolling out security patches and updates in response to emerging threats. They collaborated with us to remove all hardware elements that aren’t required to run our applications to work to reduce vulnerabilities, driving up the cyber-resilience of our platform.”

"We see real value in working with Synectics. At Lenovo, we provide our reliable, secure technologies so Synectics can focus on what makes their solution remarkable. This helps us jointly provide a leading intelligent surveillance solution to customers across the world."
Graeme Fletcher, Lenovo 

Energy Management and Sustainability

With automatic alerts of hardware health events, the hardware delivers the peace of mind our customers expect by ensuring optimal system resilience and maintaining uptime, while a minimised footprint reduces the total cost of ownership with reduced energy and cooling costs.

Squires states, “The high-density design of the Lenovo servers means we can offer our customers more compact, energy-efficient surveillance and security systems that deliver on performance demands.”

Synectics was also attracted by Lenovo's commitment to sustainability, which matches the company’s own values. Squires adds: “The Lenovo team is always open to discussions about optimising the manufacturing and shipping of products to reduce the environmental impact. Customers and prospects often ask us to articulate our sustainability efforts, and we know we can call on Lenovo to help us do that.”

Squires concludes, "By selecting Lenovo technology as the foundation for our server platform, we're confident it can handle anything our customers throw at it, enabling a high level of service in even the most challenging environments." 

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